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Hail the King Chapter 543.1

Chapter 543: [The Throne of Chaos] (Part One)

“Ah! Such a cute animal!”

When they returned onto the land, the raccoon still didn’t want to leave Fei. Therefore, Fei brought it back to his temporary home. All the girls including Angela fell in love with this raccoon, and they all wanted to rub it.

This little guy was very unwilling, and it squeaked and struggled.

However, it still couldn’t get away from the girls.

Although it was able to survive under the massive amount of natural pressure in the level 34 region in the Mythical Palace, it didn’t seem to have any unique power. Like a furry ball, it wasn’t able to get away from the girls who were loving it.

In the end, it had to accept its fate. With a wronged expression on its face, it lied in Spring’s palm with its front paws cupping its chin. As it stared at Fei with its big round eyes, it had to endure the rubs of the girls.

Fei was a little surprised.

He thought that this little raccoon would be intimate toward Angela, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

This was the first time that a creature was more intimate toward him instead of Angela who seemed to have a unique ability to communicate with animals.

Fei laughed at this raccoon’s ‘misfortunate.’

There was Blacky at first, and then Thug, Chick, and Hooligan joined. Now, there was this raccoon-like treasure-seeking beast. If this trend continued, his home was going to be turned into a zoo.

However, since Angela now was happy every day with the animals around her, Fei didn’t mind getting more pets.

After playing for a while, Fei thought about the time and decided to leave. Suddenly, that raccoon squeaked and jumped out of Spring’s hands. Like a brown flash of lightning, it jumped onto Fei’s shoulder agilely.

It grabbed onto Fei’s hair and wasn’t willing to let go.

With tears in its eyes, it looked at the girls as if they were terrifying demon beasts. It looked like it was scared by the girls’ rubbings.

“Hahaha! Since you like to stay with me, then you can follow me anywhere!”

This satisfied Fei’s vanity; after getting so many pets, this creature was the only one that liked to stay with him and not Angela.

“Hey, you ungrateful little guy!” Emma stared at the raccoon ‘viciously.’

“Squeak, squeak!” As if this creature knew that it was able to follow Fei around, it was no longer scared. With one of its paws on Fei’s hair, it turned around and stuck out its tongue at Emma. It looked just like a playful child.

After saying goodbye to the girls, he headed toward the watchtower on the west gate.

Then, Fei opened the portal and went into the mysterious stone room with Little Raccoon; this was the name Fei gave it.

“Huh? All of the runes on this stone throne are copied down?”

Fei walked in and saw that the two mad scientists were no longer around the throne. Cain was walking around the throne with a magnifying glass as if he was trying to find something, and Akara was busy working on something at the multi-purpose laboratory station.

“Eh. We finally finished after three days. I almost died! Copying down the godly runes sure is a huge project…….” Cain said exhaustedly. When he turned around, his eyes lit up.

He asked, “Where did you get this little guy?”

He was pointing at Little Raccoon.

“The Mythical Palace……” Fei told him about what happened. He then asked, “Why? Does this little guy have a great background?”

Anything that was able to get Cain’s attention should be special.

“My a*s! It is just a little unique demon beast that is very timid; it would run away at any sign of danger. Although it is rare, it doesn’t have any combat power. Its only strength is at escaping…… Eh, it is also sensitive to gold, treasures, and energy surges…… In simple terms, it is only a weak and unless creature.”

Cain was obviously trying to tease Fei, and Fei didn’t know how to reply.

“Squeak! Squeak!!!! Squeak!!!!!”

Little Raccoon was really smart.

After hearing Cain’s comments about it, it squeaked angrily to protest. Also, it showed it two shiny fangs, trying to scare the old man.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you,” Cain added after seeing Little Raccoon’s expression, “This type of demon beasts is smart; they could understand the human language even though they couldn’t speak it. Also…… it is useless. It has no sense of loyalty; it would escape first in the face of danger.”

“Squeak!!” Little Raccoon held onto Fei’s hair and waved its other front paw, trying to tell Fei that it was wronged. It was trying to tell Fei that Cain was lying and didn’t want Fei to ditch it.

“Hahaha! I know. Don’t worry; I won’t abandon you.” Fei rubbed Little Raccoon’s head. He felt like there was a unique bond between him and this little creature, and he really liked it.

Only then did Little Raccoon calm down. It turned around and made faces at Cain.

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