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Hail the King Chapter 544.1

Chapter 544: Return – Small World (Part One)

“No…… The energy inside the [Worldstone] is too vast. [The Throne of Chaos] couldn’t handle it……”

Before Cain could finish, Fei already stuffed the [Worldstone] into the dent in [The Throne of Chaos].

Instantly, all the gentle blue light that filled the stone room got sucked into the dent on the throne. Thin lines around the dent lit up with a blue color, and they looked like the blood vessels of a human body. They expanded and contracted rhythmically as they sucked the energy from the [Worldstone].

Both Fei and Cain were mesmerized by this scene.

Even Little Raccoon and Akara who was working on something mystic at the station were attracted by the changes occurring on the throne.

A huge amount of energy was rushing into the throne from the [Worldstone], and Fei felt like he heard loud noises made by gigantic waves in the ocean. Gradually, the thin lines on the throne grew larger. If they were capillaries before, they were now veins and arteries.

There were two main blue ‘vessels’ that were as thick as thumbs, and they branched out into many smaller ‘vessels.’

In the end, dense blue lines almost completely wrapped around [The Throne of Chaos].

This scene was really strange; it felt like a dried-up corpse was revived. Every time the ‘vessels’ expanded and contracted, it felt like a heart that had been frozen for tens of thousands of years pumped.

In the meantime, the [Worldstone] that was placed inside the dent was getting smaller at a visible speed.

This process continued for about ten minutes.

In the end, as if the throne was full, it stopped sucking in energy. The [Worldstone] now reduced to the size of a small coin.

Then, the [Worldstone] slowly floated back into Fei’s hand.

At this moment, [The Throne of Chaos] underwent some spectacular changes.

As the blue ‘vessels’ slowly disappeared one by one, the surface of the throne started to ripple. The unknown silver-colored material began to decompose, and many runes that were unseen before appeared and flowed around the throne. As if a pair of invisible hands were recreating the throne, the grey and coarse throne became glamorous! The rough surface became smooth and shiny with detailed patterns on it.

As if an ugly duckling turned into a swan, [The Throne of Chaos] became completely different.

Two dragon-like beast statues were on the two sides of the throne. Their muscular bodies were beside the armrests, and their heads lied on top of the armrest with their mouths wide open, revealing the sharp teeth; it felt like they were alive. Also, there were many heads of beasts sculptured on the stairs below the throne, and their eyes were like the eyes of the demons.

Beside the armrests and the beasts, there were two goddess statues where their facial features were unclear. They were both kneeling with a plate in their hands, and the statues were less than one meter tall. Behind these two statues, there were two life-size warrior statues. They were fully armored, and they looked like two war gods who were serving the master of the throne loyally.

These four statues were all life-like, and their eyes were all closed. It made Fei feel like they were going to come to life if their eyes opened.

The only thing that was a little surprising was that Fei felt like the two plates the two goddesses were holding and the two flat hands the two warriors were extending out were supposed to have things on them. Right now, they gave off the feeling of emptiness.

The overall color of the throne was still silver, but it was a lot more refined and smooth, feeling prestigious and majestic.

“Is this the final form of [The Throne of Chaos]?”

Fei suppressed the shock he was experiencing and walked to the throne.

As if the throne sensed Fei’s approach, it slowly landed on the ground. When it landed on the ground, it didn’t send a single speck of dust into the air, as light as a feather.


Tap! Tap!

Fei stepped onto the stairs of the throne, turned around, and sat on it.

“This feeling…… I feel like I’m becoming one with the throne……”

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  1. Rubik

    shouldnt fei be able to get 6 more worldstones if he completes normal mode with his other 6 chars?

    • BlackWhiteShadow

      They all will be cursed with demon energy and he won’t be able to get in flying castle again

  2. Anndré

    Game of Thrones! <3

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