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Hail the King Chapter 544.2

Chapter 544: Return – Small World (Part Two)

Fei sat onto the throne and placed his arms on the armrests. He felt a warm and smooth sensation, and it was really comfortable. He felt like he and this throne was connected by blood, and he was sitting at the peak of the world, looking down at everything in this world like a supreme god.

Little Raccoon was sitting on Fei’s shoulder, and it was looking around with its eyes squinted; it was feeling very comfortable as well.

It was clear that this little guy enjoyed the feeling of sitting on this throne.

“Hahahah! This is the real throne! Hahaha! Interesting……” Cain stroked his long white goatee and commented. To him, what happened was no different to solving a complicated magic problem. He was very excited, and he wanted to touch the new throne with his own hands.

He said, “Fei, I told you that you got a great treasure. This item is no different to a god-tier item. Haha…… Ouch!”

Before Cain could even touch the throne, an invisible force appeared and pushed him away. He wasn’t prepared, and he fell onto the ground.

Fei was surprised. He quickly jumped down the throne to help Cain to get up. He said, “What happened? I didn’t do anything. Could it be that this throne rejects others?”

“Don’t worry. Hahaha, interesting.” Cain was still in his knowledge-seeking mode. He ignored the dust and swelling on his body as he stared at Fei and shouted, “Why did you get off? Quick! Go back and see what this throne is capable of! Didn’t you say that you think it could travel through space and time? Go give it a try!”

Fei was speechless.

Although Cain was a little greedy sometimes, his professional and devoted attitude was something that Fei couldn’t complain about.

No wonder this greedy and timid old man could become the living history book and the encyclopedia in Diablo World. His enthusiastic attitude and work ethic allowed him to know all the mysteries and secrets in the past and present in Diablo World. In terms of knowledge, even Akara couldn’t be compared to him.

After he returned to [The Throne of Chaos], Fei placed his hands on the two godly beasts’ heads on top of the armrests.

He suddenly thought about the level 36 region in the Mythical Palace, and he wondered if this throne could travel through space and bring him back to that small world.

As soon as he thought of that, the throne lightly vibrated.

“Huh?…… Uh…… Disappeared?” Cain was so shocked that his mouth opened wide.

After a series of tiny transparent ripples appeared in the air, Fei, Little Raccoon, and [The Throne of Chaos] all disappeared. There was no energy surge or anything strange; it felt like they dissolved into the air.

“God! That throne…… What kind of god-tier item is that? It is able to penetrate through this room that is constructed using semi-godly runes? Is there any place in the world that it couldn’t get to?”

Cain was stunned after he saw the floating light runes on the wall of the laboratory.

The building blocks of this room were actually created by condensing semi-godly runes. They were able to block the insane chaotic energies in the void, but [The Throne of Chaos] was able to get through it easily. That was truly shocking! It seemed like nothing in the world could block Fei.

“Not necessarily; look there.”

Akara, who was busy with her research, pointed at the blue portal in the room. She said, “This portal didn’t need to penetrate the semi-godly runes to be here. Although [The Throne of Chaos] is extraordinary, Fei couldn’t use its full power yet. Therefore, it shouldn’t be able to penetrate the walls created by semi-godly runes.”



-The Mythical Palace-

-The level 36 region-

A dash of red light and a dash of golden light shot across the sky, but ordinary warriors wouldn’t be able to detect them. The golden light was chasing after the red light non-stop.

“Yassin! How dare you pressure me like this? I swear! If I get out, I will lead the Royal Mage Legion of the Leon Empire and conquer your little Zenit! No one can live……” an angry roar resonated in the sky.

The red light that was running away was the Sun-Class Lord Domenech who lost to Emperor Yassin several days ago.

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  1. OG

    Hell yes! Thats so cool….

    But will he become the lord of chaos?
    Will Cain and Akara master the throne runes and make other travelling vessels?


  2. Leon

    Hahaha, wonder what will happen when these 2 was known to the world.

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