Chapter 545: Fire Giant (Part One)

“Hahaha! Do you think you can get away today? Impossible!”

A loud and majestic voice sounded next.

It was Emperor Yassin who came up with the famous phrase, “Yassin is inferior to no one.”

Although he was only a peak Full Moon Elite, he was chasing after Sun-Class Lord Domenech.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several dashes of golden energy traveled faster and hammered onto the red energy sphere dashing away in the front.

Every time a dash of golden energy collided with the red energy sphere in the front, that energy sphere would dim a little. Soon, it was about to break.

“Yassin! Don’t try to push me over the edge!” Domenech shouted back angrily as he pulled the fire elements in nature to replenish his own.

He was a Sun-Class Lord, and his magic energy was on a higher level than the energy of the Moon-Class Elites. However, as those dashes of golden energy hit his energy sphere that was made of his own superior magic energy, his magic energy got depleted fast. It felt like Yassin’s energy naturally countered his.

“You talk too much!”

Yassin replied coldly and didn’t go easy. Several powerful dashes of golden energy hammered onto the red energy sphere, not giving Domenech a moment to breathe.

“You have chased me for ten days and ten nights. You are crossing the line! I’m not going to run anymore. Hehehe, I will risk it all and let you experience the real anger of a Sun-Class Lord!”

As if he reached the tipping pointed, Domenech turned around and stayed still in the air. He knew that he wasn’t going to escape from the look of things, and he was going to fight back. As he started to chant loudly, it felt like all the fire elements in this world was being pulled to him.

“Huh? Are you going to put up the last fight? I look forward to your performance!”

Emperor Yassin also paused himself, and he stood 100 meters away from Domenech. As the bright golden warrior energy flame burned around him vigorously, he sneered and didn’t make a move; he looked composed and confident like a real emperor.

“Something darker than the sunset and tastier than the blood. Power of the dark abyss….. Awake! Let me……”

As Domenech chanted and summoned the fire elements, it felt like another sun was being created in the sky. The air became hot and dry, and the green grasses and trees more than 1,000 meters down on the ground were set on fire. As the heat increased, even the ground started to crack. In an area of one square kilometer, it felt like a new world of fire emerged.

Finally, the chanting stopped.

“Hahahaha! Yassin! You are overconfident! You are conceited! I told you that the Moon-Class Elites couldn’t imagine the power of Sun-Class Lords! Hahaha! I might not be able to defeat you in battle, but you will pay dearly if I risk my life to fight you! Hahaha! Die! Burn! My core…… [Kiss of The Fire God]!”

As soon as he said that, something terrifying happened.

A giant that was more than 1,000 meters tall and was created by flames appeared out of nowhere. It was wearing a crown of thorns and holding a huge wand; both items were made from the fire as well. As two dashes of flames shot out of its eyes, it tilted its body forward and opened its mouth, trying to suck Yassin into its mouth and devour him.

“Huh? Burning of the core?”

Emperor Yassin turned serious as well.

He instantly dashed back, and the golden warrior energy burned violently around him. As he waved his hands, huge blades and swords were created by his golden energy. Soon, there were so many of them that they covered the entire sky. Emperor Yassin pushed his palms forward, and all the golden weapons dashed at the fire giant like a meteor shower.

“Hahaha! Useless! Do you think the energy released from the burning of the core is defensible by you?”

As Domenech’s arrogant laughter sounded, all of the golden weapons were sucked into the fire giant’s mouth, and nothing was left. The powerful suction force was still there, and all the trees, rocks, and soil were being sucked into its mouth like dust.

Even a huge mountain broke off from its base and got sucked into the giant’s mouth.

Emperor Yassin, who was quite close to the giant, was targeted by the suction force. He wasn’t able to get away even though he unleashed all of his warrior energy. His body shivered, and it slowly moved toward the giant’s mouth.

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