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Hail the King Chapter 545.2

Chapter 545: Fire Giant (Part Two)

“Hahaha! I burned more than half of my Sun-Class Core! Even though my strength will fall for more than 50% when I get out, it is worth it! Once I kill you, my nemesis, my future progress will be very smooth!”

Since Emperor Yassin was locked down by the suction force, Domenech was surprised for a few seconds before he tried to burn more of his core to increase the suction force. Soon, like a tornado, everything close by was being sucked into the giant’s mouth.

Emperor Yassin was getting closer and closer to the giant’s mouth; the speed was accelerating.

Finally, after more than ten minutes, the golden warrior energy flame on Emperor Yassin dimmed considerably; it was only about two meters around him. As the fire giant roared again, Emperor Yassin was instantly swallowed by it.

“Hahaha! Yassin, you dead! Fire Giant! Hell Fire! Melt him!”

Dashes of golden light were being shot out of the giant’s mouth, but it was useless. As the origin of the golden light moved from the mouth of the giant to the throat and then to the stomach, the golden light gradually disappeared.

“Hahaha! Yassin! You are finally dead! Hahaha! I killed you! The sad part is that you are so arrogant that you challenged me when you aren’t a Sun-Class Lord yet! Although I burned through a lot of my core, it is worth it!”

Domenech stood in mid-air and laughed crazily.

He wasn’t in that much of a better position himself.

His white robe was torn and chopped, and there were streaks of blood by his mouth. He looked spiritless, and his long curly hair was wet and stuck to his body…… He didn’t look like that dominating and powerful mage from a few days ago.

However, he killed Emperor Yassin; it was all worth it.

But at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from the belly of the fire giant; it was filled with confidence and power. “Are you getting this naïve after 26 years? You disappointed me. Do you think you can kill me this easily?”

Before it finished, a mythical-level pressure appeared as if a holy dragon showed itself. The pressure dispersed into the area from the stomach of the fire giant.

“[Dragon Fist – Dragon’s Determination]!”

Instantly, the fire giant let out a series of cries as golden dragons that were more than 100 meters long dashed out of its belly one after another.

As if a nuclear bomb exploded inside the fire giant’s stomach, its body was instantly crushed and torn apart.

“Dragon Fist? Are you still not dead? AH!”

Domenech screamed as a desperate expression appeared on his face. His fear of Emperor Yassin reached the climax, and he was about to collapse mentally.


Domenech burned his Sun-Class Core. He no longer wanted to fight; instead, he tried to escape immediately.



As he dashed away and disappeared into afar, the fire giant that was more than 1,000 meters tall was destroyed. Its body broke into pieces, and clouds of fire and big chunks of rocks fell down the sky like meteors. The scene looked like the end of the world.

With golden warrior energy flame around him, Emperor Yassin stood in mid-air majestically. However, he wasn’t intact. Most of his robe turned burned-brown, and his right sleeve disappeared, revealing his right arm that had cracked skin on it.

It was clear that Emperor Yassin wasn’t as dominating as he said to be.

Domenech’s final strike did some harm to him.

“This should be enough for the message. I will let you live and use your mouth to pass out the message. Tell that coward Juninho about what happened. You dared to attack a [God’s Favorite Child] and kill a Red-Robed Deacon…… You will be punished one day!”

As he looked at the direction that Domenech escaped, a confident smile appeared on Emperor Yassin’s face.

If Domenech were still here, he would be able to figure out some information from this smile.

“It is about time for me to go.” Emperor Yassin clenched his right hand. A dash of golden energy flashed by, and the injuries on his right arm were instantly healed.

As he turned around and was about to leave, he suddenly detected something and looked in the north direction. As he tried to listen carefully, he murmured to himself, “Huh? Strange…… Is it my illusion?”

He detected some spatial fluctuation a second ago, but he couldn’t sense anything once he tried again.

“This small world has abundant natural elements and treasures. It is like heaven! Too bad that it only opens once in 20 years, and only a maximum of 40 people can enter at once. If I can control this place, I would be able to cultivate a dominating army that could sweep through the continent!”

Emperor Yassin was very ambitious.

However, he knew that no one could control this place. There had been many masters who explored this world; even the Continental Martial Saint, Maradona, had tried to break through the invisible energy barrier and failed. Many conspirators and schemers tried to get access to this small world, and they all failed as well.

“This space belongs to the gods and not humans,” Emperor Yassin sighed.

His body blurred as the golden warrior energy flame burned more vigorously. Then, he suddenly disappeared.

After Emperor Yassin was gone, spatial ripples appeared 100 meters away. Then, a huge and majestic throne slowly appeared.

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