Chapter 546: Core Crystal (Part One)

A long black-haired handsome young man was sitting on the throne. On his shoulder, there was a cute raccoon-like creature that had white eyes, brownish-red fur, and a black and white striped tail. At the moment, this young man’s right elbow was resting on the armrest, and his head was resting on his right palm. He looked at the direction where Emperor Yassin took off and pondered.

“Damn! [The Throne of Chaos] could really penetrate through the invisible energy barrier of the Mythical Palace! I came to this small world without having to rely on the [Elemental Altar] and the [Elemental Gates]…… Does this mean that I could come and go from this place as I wish?”

This ability alone meant that the throne was priceless!

There were all kinds of natural treasures hidden in this place. It didn’t matter how bad the masters in the outside world wanted, they had to wait for 20 years before fighting for the 40 spots on the [Elemental Altar]. However, from now on, Fei would be able to come and go from this place with ease! Like his backyard garden, he could get any of the natural treasures in this small world!

He pretty much had a gold mine!

“Squeak! Squeak!” Little Raccoon on Fei’s shoulder suddenly started to make noises.

It jumped around and pointed at the pit on the ground. It was the deepest pit created by the body parts of the fire giant after it got obliterated by Emperor Yassin.

“Huh? Could it be that there is a treasure here?”

Fei thought as he moved [The Throne of Chaos] into the pit using his mind control.

The king knew that Little Raccoon was known as the treasure-seeking beast; it was ultra-sensitive to treasures. The fact that it was this anxious meant it discovered something significant.

In the deepest part of this pit, there was an orange fire that continued to burn.

The fire was about the size of a fist, and what was strange about it was that the flame was at the room temperature; no extra heat could be sensed from it.

“What is this? You mean this is the treasure?” Fei turned around and asked Little Raccoon that was jumping around on his shoulders.

The little guy nodded and pointed at the fire with its paws; the way it looked like this fire was similar to how men looked like beautiful women.

However, it seemed like it was a little fearful of this fire; it didn’t dare to approach it.

“Let me see what it is.” Fei walked down the throne. He covered his hands with a layer of silver energy before reaching out for the fire cautiously.

When he grabbed onto the orange fire, he still didn’t feel any burning sensation.

Instead, it was warm and smooth; it made Fei feel like he was in a hot spring.

“This should be…… The core crystal of a Sun-Class Lord?”

Fei realized that there was a red crystal-like matter in the center of the fire; it was about the size of half a fist, and it was a little soft like hard jelly. Fei was very familiar with the energy contained in it; it was very similar to the power of the fire giant that Domenech just summoned.

As soon as Fei returned to this small world, he first followed Emperor Yassin and Domenech and watched their battle from not too far away. By using the powerful stealth ability of [The Throne of Chaos], he was able to hide less than 1,000 meters away and view the ferocious battle.

His barbarian character was very sensitive to energy surges, especially when the energies were at a high-level. Therefore, he still had a vivid memory of the energy the fire giant showcased.

Fei was almost sure that the red crystal in his hand was the core of that fire giant.

“Domenech said that he burned his Sun-Class Core. After he got defeated by Emperor Yassin’s dragon fist, he didn’t have time to ignite the Sun-Class Core fully and had to escape in a hurry. The remaining Sun-Class Core was ditched and fell onto the ground alongside the body parts of the fire giant.”

Fei almost instantly guessed the origin of this red crystal.

He wasn’t far off from the truth.

“This is the core of a Sun-Class Lord. It is a high-level energy source, and it also contains the understanding of the natural laws from the perspective of a Sun-Class Lord. It is very rare. If a Full Moon Elite got his or her hands on this, they would be able to acquire the energy and the understanding of the natural laws, instantly becoming a Sun-Class Lord themselves without having to cultivate for dozens or even hundreds of years.”

Too bad that Fei couldn’t cultivate warrior energy or magic energy. Therefore, this item was useless to him.

“However, I can keep it for the warriors of Chambord. Once someone reaches peak Full Moon, they would be able to use it…… Wait, Emperor Yassin stayed here for several minutes; why didn’t he discover this crystal? Did he not sense it, or is this below him?” Fei thought.

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