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Hail the King Chapter 546.2

Chapter 546: Core Crystal (Part Two)

“Whatever; it is useless thinking about them.” Fei shook his head and decided not to try to understand the minds of people like Emperor Yassin.

As he was about to seal this core crystal up using the methods that Akara taught him and place it into his storage ring, Little Raccoon that squatted on Fei’s shoulder suddenly made its move. After carefully observing the situation and realizing that this core crystal wasn’t dangerous, it jumped onto Fei’s hand and took a bit out of it as if it was a pine nut.


Small dashes of fire instantly jetted out of this little guy’s ears, mouth, and nostrils. It rolled its eyes and staggered before falling on Fei’s hand as if it was drunk.

“Huh? This little guy can directly consume core crystals?”

Fei discovered that although this little guy was ‘drunk’, it wasn’t in danger.

After eating a small portion of the core crystal, its fur became smoother and shinier as if it bathed in olive oil, and its chubby body became even fatter.

“Damn! Such a greedy little guy! You deserve it!” Fei laughed and ‘scolded’ Little Raccoon since it couldn’t even move; it just looked at him with blurry eyes.

Since it was Little Raccoon that discovered this core crystal, a small portion belonged to it.

After returning to [The Throne of Chaos], Fei suddenly sensed two energy surges about 100 kilometers to the west.

“This surge…… Sh*t!”

As if Fei realized something, his face changed color. [The Throne of Chaos] lightly shivered, and Fei, Little Raccoon, and the throne all disappeared.


“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Yassin! I, Domenech, swear that I will make you pay! I guarantee it with the honor of my family name!”

As soon as Domenech escaped, he ran like a lunatic. He feared everything he saw since he felt like Yassin was everywhere around him.

Therefore, this fear of Yassin made him burn his remaining Sun-Class Core even more, and he dashed away at an insane speed.

After he traveled for more than several hundred kilometers and could no longer sense the familiar energy surge behind him, he finally calmed down a little.

“Damn! I lost so much this trip. More than half of my Sun-Class Core is used; if I didn’t suck in pure fire elements along the way, I might have dropped below the realm of Sun-Class. Why! Why! Why is this b*stard, Yassin, this strong? How can he battle against a Sun-Class Lord as a peak Full Moon Elite?” he thought.

Domenech thought that he would be able to defeat his nemesis after advancing into Sun-Class, but he was beaten like a homeless dog. Although he was angry, he was more confused.

It was rare for a peak Full Moon Elite to defeat a Sun-Class Lord without using any external help such god-tier combat weapons.

“Fortunately, this is the core region in the Mythical Palace. The natural elements are abundant here, and the natural laws are very clear. I should be able to recover after ten days of cultivation. Humph! Once I return to the Leon Empire, I will inform Emperor Juninho. The troops of the empire will move north and easily wipe out Zenit!”

As he thought about that, he slowed down and looked for a hidden place to cultivate.

Suddenly, a subtle yet gloomy energy surge attracted his attention.

“Someone is trying to advance into Sun-Class here? This power……. Terrifying. It is gloomy as an abyss and deadly…… What is this? Undead Energy? Not exactly…… Who is it?”

He was intrigued by this unique energy surge.

He used a stealth technique and tried to move closer to the mountain in front of him.

He saw all the masters who entered this small world, but he didn’t spot anyone who was on the verge of advancing to Sun-Class.

“Who is it? Who has so much accumulation that he or she is confident in advancing? From the look of it, it seems like this person is about to succeed. Is another Sun-Class Lord going to be born?”

Domenech felt lucky. He was a Sun-Class Lord, and he knew a lot of secret techniques for Sun-Class Lords. If he could entice this person who was about to become a Sun-Class Lord and promise this person a lot of rewards using the name of the Leon Empire, he might be able to convince this person to join him. If they could coordinate well, there was still the possibility that he could kill Emperor Yassin in this small world.

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