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Hail the King Chapter 547.1

Chapter 547: Confrontation and Delay (Part One)

With this idea on his mind, Domenech carefully approached the mountain. He was trying to befriend this person, so he didn’t interrupt the advancement process.

However, when Domenech got within 100 meters of the mountain, he finally saw the person sitting on the platform on the summit.

“Huh? It is him?”

With clouds of black smoke around him, this mid-aged man was wearing a black robe, a light armor, and a strange kitty half-mask…… This person was the mysterious master who was very close to the King of Chambord.

Domenech’s plan instantly changed.

“That b*stard of a king…… He forced me to take on the crime of attacking a [God’s Favorite Child], and that bad luck continued when Yassin chased after me. That ant-like nobody put me in such a terrible situation. This mysterious master is very close with the King of Chambord. If he successfully becomes a Sun-Class Lord, he might come after me first!”

After thinking about that, dangerous thoughts appeared in this vicious white-robed mage’s head.

“I can’t keep him around! If he becomes a Sun-Class Lord, there will only be more trouble in the future!”

During the advancement process, one had to transform the body structure before the elevation in the energy level. This process shouldn’t be interrupted. Otherwise, the warrior energy or magic energy would turn chaotic, breaking loose within one’s body and destroying the energy connections and internal organs. The result of that would be deadly.

Therefore, if Domenech attacked this person and made this person lose concentration, then this person would be killed.

“Hehehe; please don’t blame me for killing you when you are weak. If you want to blame someone, blame the King of Chambord for trying to mess with me!”

A vicious and cruel expression appeared on Domenech’s face as he gathered his magic energy and waved his wand. Six dashes of fire blades appeared, and they targeted Hazel Bank who was in the process of returning to the realm of Sun-Class.

“Hahaha! Die!” Domenech laughed cruelly.

As the fire blades dashed toward Hazel Bank who couldn’t move at the moment, changes occurred.

Silver ripples appeared in the air, and a huge silver throne that was about two meters in each dimension appeared in the path of the fire blades. The figure sitting in the throne stood up abruptly and reached out his hand, crushing the six fire blades easily.

“It is you! The King of Chambord! Hahaha! How dare you appear in front of me?” after the initial surprise, Domenech got excited and shouted; the murderous spirit could be seen in his eyes.

He didn’t know that Fei had left this small world and returned, so he wasn’t too shocked.

“Hey, long-haired old b*stard! We met again so soon! However, you don’t look so good,” Fei said with a smile on his face. As he stood still on [The Throne of Chaos], he calmly ‘greeted’ Domenech.

“I’m not in a great condition, but your condition will be terrible soon.” As if he saw the person who killed his parents, Domenech locked his eyes onto Fei as he approached. The thick murderous spirit could even freeze the air.

“What? You want to kill me?” Fei didn’t back off. Instead, he asked with a strange smile on his face.

A layer of silver energy enveloped him; it even protected Little Raccoon that was still half ‘drunk’ and [The Throne of Chaos] under his feet against the sharp murderous spirit.

“Kill you? I just want to crush a disgusting bug in front of me!” Domenech replied coldly.

Crisp crackling noises sounded as if the strong murderous spirit from Domenech was breaking the space like glass.

Fei shrugged and said, “Really? If I remember correctly, you said similar things last time and got beat up hard. Aren’t you afraid that the same thing will happen again? Hey, to be honest, I truly admired the legendary Sun-Class Lords before. However, your performance sucked! I really feel bad for other Sun-Class Lords whom you share the title with!”

“You still want to provoke me? Do you want to die faster?”

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