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Hail the King Chapter 548.1

Chapter 548: You Know Nothing (Part One)

“Squeak! Squeak!” Little Raccoon grabbed onto Fei’s hair with one paw and stood on his shoulder, sticking its tongue out and making faces.

Then, something magnificent happened.

A series of ripples appeared. Then, Fei, Little Raccoon, and the throne all quickly disappeared from the red net like phantoms.

The smile on Domenech’s face instantly froze.

“What is this technique? I didn’t even sense the use of energy!” Domenech was shocked; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

There was no warrior energy surge or magic energy surge. Like a busted bubble, Fei disappeared completely.

As a Sun-Class Lord, even he couldn’t sense where the King of Chambord went.

“This is impossible! How could a low-life bug get away from my senses? What is going on?”

He sent out his magic energy and tried to detect the surroundings. Every time it touched something, it would create a little echo that could only be sensed by him.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Ten minutes.

The expression on Domenech’s face turned from surprised to shock, and then from shock to rage.

He couldn’t understand how a mid-tier Half Moon Elite could disappear from his [Death Fire Net], and he also couldn’t comprehend the fact that the King of Chambord got away from his precise detection.

“You escaped fast! Next time, I will kill you right away!”

Domenech thought to himself as he focused back onto Hazel Bank who was in the process of advancing.

In order to conceal the undead energy that would be surging around him during the advancement process, the Undead Mage placed all six god-fooling badges onto himself, and he put more than a dozen stealth array formations around him. Therefore, Domenech couldn’t tell that Hazel Bank was an undead mage at the moment.

If Domenech recognized the undead energy, he would have reconsidered his position.

The power and the domination of undead mages was a topic that was forbidden on the Azeroth Continent.

If two mages of the same level were battling, the undead mage would usually win. Undead energy, known as the magic energy that could threaten the gods, couldn’t be easily comprehended and imagined by ordinary people.

From legends and propaganda of the Holy Church, people thought that undead mages had numerous death technique that could cause nightmares. Every single undead mage was painted to be vicious, mysterious, and devil-like. Therefore, a lot of people would get scared before battling undead mages, putting them in a disadvantage mentally.

Except for the Holy Church, no one else wanted to seek undead mages as their enemies actively.

Therefore, because Domenech was unaware of Hazel Bank’s real identity, he treated this man as an ordinary mage.

As Domenech was about to attack again and stop Hazel Bank from becoming a Sun-Class Lord, a familiar energy surge appeared behind him. Before he could react, a palm laid on his back, and an energy crushed his magic energy shield and entered his body.

“Eh! Puff!” Domenech spat out a mouthful of blood. He then immediately got away from the sneak-attack and appeared 100 meters away. He turned around and roared, “King of Chambord, you are dead! Damn it! AHHH! Despicable cheater! I swear I will kill you!”

“Haha, too bad that I couldn’t kill you with that. Hey, although you are old and rusty, your reaction speed sure is fast.” Fei stood at where Domenech was at a moment ago and teased. He shook his hand and waved a piece of cloth he got from Domenech’s robe.

“You injured me! How dare you? Die!”

Domenech shouted as if he was a dog that got its tail stepped on. He waved his hand, and numerous fire arrows appeared in the sky. They dashed down at Fei like vicious bees, and the energy hidden in each arrow could turn a mid-tier Half Moon Elite into a cloud of blood mist.

“Huh? These are …… magic tracing arrows?”

Fei frowned and sensed the terrifying property of these arrows.

The so-called ‘Magic Tracing Arrows’ had one key feature; they wouldn’t stop until they struck their targets. Before that, they would follow the targets wherever they went.

Fei’s amazon character mastered a similar technique, and that was why he was sensitive to it.

Fei clenched his fists, and [Colossus Blade] and [Mythical Sword], the two swords in the set [Bul-Kathos’ Children], appeared in his hands after blood-red lights flashed by.

Fei, who was standing on [The Throne of Chaos] turned his body and swung the swords, creating a silver dragon that was about four meters long from his silver energy. As the dragon roared, it dashed toward the magic tracing arrows that were coming at him like hungry locusts.

This was the most powerful sword technique of the Barbarian – [Whirlwind]!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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    Exposing the throne? You’d better kill him, or I can only call the author dumb…

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    uuh, is the mage blind? suspect a chair that’s 2 meters in size and filled with superb sculptures!!

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