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Hail the King Chapter 549.1

Chapter 549: Like A Moth To A Flame (Part One)

Domenech sensed the change on the King of Chambord, and it was what he wanted to see.

He started to chant a mystic and obscure spell, and the fire elements nearby were all pulled toward him.

Ten solid magic arrows that were each a meter long and a thumb thick formed in front of Domenech. Then, the ten arrows slowly came together and merged. In the end, there was one colossal arrow that looked more like a giant spear. Although it was made from magic energy, it had a metal glare to it and looked real.

Domenech lightly pushed his palms forward gracefully.


The contrast between the gentle movement of Domenech and the fierce strike was shocking, and the huge fire-elemental magic arrow dashed toward Fei while leaving behind a series of afterimages.

This strike almost ignited the air in its pathway.

The strong wind fluttered Fei’s long black hair, and his clothes were making loud flapping noises. It felt like a huge mountain was falling on him.

However, with the two swords crossed in front of his chest, he didn’t back down.

If he merely moved half a step to either left or right, he would have dodged this terrifying arrow.

However, if he did that, then it would accurately hit Hazel Bank who was in the process of returning to the realm of Sun-Class and couldn’t move.


Fei knocked the two swords onto each other, and a crisp metal-colliding sound resonated in the area.

Then, Fei shouted, and layers of colorful lights appeared around him.

In the next moment, the level 8 elite item [Fei’s Murderous Helmet] and the level 7 set item [Immortal King’s Soul Cage – Sacred Armor] appeared on him. In the unique and powerful armor and helmet, the image of a barbarian warrior totem that was more than 100 meters tall appeared behind Fei who was standing on [The Throne of Chaos].

At this moment, the king’s cape fluttered in the wind, and his aura reached the peak. It made Domenech feel like this young king was invincible.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as the two swords were placed together, a silver energy rushed out of the swords and formed a huge silver cross, and this silver cross blocked the red arrow.

After a moment of silence, destructive energy spilled around. It was supposed to spill in all directions, but Fei blocked the residual energy, that was supposed to dash past him, with his body.

Not a single bit of chaotic energy passed him and affected the Undead Mage who was trying to advance.

Fei was willing to block all the dangers for Hazel Bank with his body; he wasn’t going to let anything happened to the Undead Mage at this critical moment. Although Chambord would get a powerful Sun-Class Lord if he could buy enough time for the Undead Mage, he was doing it because Hazel Bank was his ally and his friend.

The battle created strong winds.

On Fei’s shoulder, the furry and chubby Little Raccoon almost got blown away.

It grabbed onto Fei’s side hair with its paws, and it swung in the air a little ball. However, it didn’t let out a single squeak. This intelligent little guy bit its lips and didn’t want to disturb the king who was in battle. It was afraid that its squeaks would affect the king’s iron will.


A drop of blood landed on [The Throne of Chaos].

Even though the Barbarian was tough, Fei got injured when he tried to fight against a Sun-Class Lord heads-on.

Although he had protection from the items from Diablo World, his hands were still injured. Blood flowed out of the wounds on his hands, and the drops of blood dripped down his gauntlets and swords.

“Alright. Although more than half of my Sun-Class Core was used, and my strength decreased significantly, the fact that you took that strike from me and didn’t get killed is enough for you to be proud of,” Domenech said as he observed Fei with a surprised expression on his face.

Even though he expected that his opponent might be able to handle his strike, he didn’t think that the King of Chambord could take care of his attack without paying a hefty price.

“Really? I’m always a proud person! Use all the skills and techniques you know! Let me see if you, a Sun-Class Lord, can get me to back off!” Fei said firmly.

His swords were sharp, his hair was long and smooth, and his temperament was graceful. His black eyes emitted a light, signaling others that he was at his absolute peak where his spirit, mind, body, and will were in harmony!

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  1. admiralen

    Why is Fei so weak?
    He is fighting a to begin with talentless half assed sun class, that has been wounded, exhausted and burnt more than half his core
    Yassin could without any items piss on this dude without being Sun class

    • Hopeless Monolingual

      Fei is trying to compare himself to Yassin, but Yassin is literally the ultimate Moon Class fighter. He’s not as strong as Yassin, not even slightly.

      • admiralen

        Why, Fei is like one or two levels below Yassin, but Fei has the literally purest/greatest warrior energy and set items that are absurdly powerful, meanwhile Yassin pisses on someone that is a whole evolution above him without any effort

        • Rafid

          As someone replied before Yassin is the ultimate moon class warrior.Also we literally do not know anything about him.On the other hand,fei’s power comes form diablo world and his understanding of this world is still naive compared to people like yassin or domenech.And he is already op lmao.Dude literally advanced to moon class in 1-2 year which would normally take a LOT OF TIME

    • ForgetMe

      Idk where you got that talentless part from, but if you had read properly you would know that the author described him as very talented on numerous occasions. Even though he is injured, he still has half his power left which is more than enough to deal with Fei. Even though the items Fei has are really strong, I don’t think it’s enough to cover the gap between 4 tiers, 2 sub realms and 1 major realm.

  2. “Why, Fei is like one or two levels below Yassin,”
    Fei is four levels below Yassin, he’s a mid tier half moon and Yassin is peak full moon + one of the most OP examples of one in existence. Expecting him to be equal to a guy 4 levels above him who’s already able to surmount a realm, is stupid.

  3. redking

    You realize this is like comparing Yusuke Urameshi to Raizen Who was still op After starving himself for centuries now make the same example For that emperor Yassin who is Fear by many Powerful Individuals and empires Basically that man still having Show his true capabilities yet So comparing him to fei Kind of pointless at this point

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