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Hail the King Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Fei’s Plan

“I must find a way to kill that mage!” Fei thought.

With Fei’s strength, he was having a hard time fighting a three star warrior; to kill a mage who had an even higher rank than three stars and was under the protection of the enemy troops would have been as difficult as going to the moon. He was trying to think of a possible plan while he was in combat against Landes, but he couldn’t come up with anything. Even if he was in Barbarian Mode, Paladin Mode or Sorcerer Mode, his power and strength were no match for a mage that was possibly four or even five star ranked.

In a few moments, the strongmen had approached. They wanted to surpass Fei and block off three star warrior Landes to help Fei retreat.

“It can’t be delayed!” Fei decided.

He knew that time was very tight. Any kind of delay could result in their complete annihilation.

Fei suddenly roared and initiated Barbarian 【Howl】 again. A frightening wave of mind power swept out and scared away the approaching enemies. After pushing Landes back a little with his strike, Fei suddenly jumped into the air. His hands held the axe tightly and struck down as if he wanted to chop a mountain in half.

This strike was too powerful. Sparks emerged from the blade of the axe from the friction in the air, as if a meteorite was about to hit the Earth.

Landes was surprised; he didn’t dare take on this strike.


Suddenly, the bridge cracked, and dust and stone chips flew everywhere. The whole bridge seemed to shake. Some large rocks that were attached to the bottom of the bridge fell into the river; the impacts created a series of skyrocketing water columns!

“Hahaha, you chicken! A three star warrior can’t take my strike?”

Fei mocked Landes. He stood on the bridge firmly and pointed the tip of his axe at Landes. At that moment, it felt like he wasn’t the only one standing there, but rather there were thousands of troops behind him. The domineering impression created an oppressive feeling for the enemies who were ready to make their move.

“Go back!”

After Fei mocked the enemies, his expression changed and he shook his arm.

A huge amount of strength was sent from his arms, and he pushed back the strongmen who were about to charge past him. Faced with the physical strength of a Barbarian, the strongmen felt like they had run into a hard wall and stumbled as they were sent back.

Before anyone could react, Fei jumped up again just like before and concentrated his strength and chopped down.

The axe blade turned red again under the high speed that created friction in the air. With a burning sensation, the axe was aimed at Landes. It had unparalleled momentum.

In mid-air, Fei yelled, “Haha, who dares to take this on?”

No one dared. Including the three star warrior Landes, all the enemies backed off to hide from this strike.

Within the thousands of enemies, no one dared to take on the beast who had blown open the Tower Shield-Dragon Lance formation. When faced against beasts who sacrificed their own lives to take down ensues, their only option was to back off.

But Fei didn’t take that as an answer.

He continuously jumped up and chopped down at the enemies, not caring about his stamina at all. He was like a mad beast, pushing into the enemy grounds step by step. No one dare to stop him, nor even respond to his stares.

“Tree! Tree!! Tree!!! Tree!!!! Tree!!!!!”

“What? No one dares to take me on?”

“Hahaha, are all of you cowards who hide your heads in your pants?”

“Pooh! Landes, where is your pride as a warrior? Come fight me!”

“Who dares to battle with me?”


After every single strike, Fei would mock the enemies and take a step forward.

His proud expression was like an emperor glancing at his own territories, and no one dared to look at him. Every time Fei took a step forward, the enemies would tremble and take a step back. Even Landes was pressured by Fei’s strikes; he didn’t doubt that if he took Fei’s strike head on, even with the energy shield of a three star warrior, he would be chopped into two pieces. That fear forced him to  move back continuously.

In just seven or eight seconds, Fei had struck eight times.

All these strike smashed onto the bridge like lightning and the whole bridge shook violently. Many huge stones and rocks fell into the river and killed dozens of bloodthirsty water beasts who were fighting for the corpses. The surface of the river turned into the colour red.

The enemies had backed off sixteen or seventeen yards(m) from the pressure of a single man and his axe.

After the eight strikes, Fei paused and started laughing. The enemies backed off slowly in the laughter of their opponent.

Fei glanced at the enemies disdainfully, then he suddenly took a couple steps back rather than forward and jumped up again – Barbarian 【Leap】. He jumped up five or six yards (m) into the air and struck down with all the strength he had.

This strike was surprisingly not aimed at the enemies, but rather at the surface of the bridge behind him.


The axe Barbarian Fei was using couldn’t handle his monstrous strength anymore, and the thick black twisting handle whined and broke in half.

The huge power collided with the surface of the bridge and the loud sound caused everyone to instantly cover up their ears. The enemies who were close and weren’t that strong had their eardrums shattered, and blood flowed out of their ears. Some enemies were so stunned that they couldn’t stand properly and fell off of the bridge……

The power of the strike that Fei demonstrated felt like the wrath of the gods.

All of the enemies’ faces were pale.

After the shock, many people including Pierce suddenly had a question on their minds, “Why would Alexander turn around and strike the bridge?”

After the dust and stone chips cleared, everyone could see past the bridge again. Fei stood on the bridge and his chest heaved heavily. It was obvious that after such desperate strikes, Fei was exhausted.

He stood there quietly.

With half of the axe handle in his hand, Fei stared at Landes with a sneer on his face.

For a moment, a rare silence spread through the entire battlefield.

Everyone could even hear their own rapid breathing.

Suddenly, something happened.


Everyone heard a tiny sound.

The tiny sound was as soft as the whining of insects, but it hit everyone’s heart as hard as thunder. Everyone couldn’t help but panic, they were horror-struck as they found out that spider web-like cracks appeared under Fei’s feet.

Suddenly, like a flash of light, many people understood Fei’s intentions – Fei’s nine terrifying strikes weren’t done for the purpose of killing enemies, but to create cracks on the surface of the bridge. The whole bridge was covered with cracks and began to collapse.

The stone bridge started to shake violently.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

The cracks were getting bigger and bigger.

Huge support stones and rocks broke off of the bridge and smashed into the Zuli River hundreds of yards (m) below and created large ripples in the water.

“S--t-! The bridge is about to collapse!”

Landes almost crapped his pants. Even if he knew what Fei’s intentions were, he didn’t have time to stop him. He stomped on the ground aggressively and used his energy to push himself back quickly. Even if he was a three star warrior, if he fell into the fast flowing river, there was no way for him to survive under the sharp teeth of the thousands of bloodthirsty water beasts.

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