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Hail the King Chapter 550.1

Chapter 550: Last Shiver (Part One)

As soon as Domenech finished speaking, the speed of the sword turned from slow to fast.

The orange lights around the blade shone brightly, and the lethal energy dashed in all directions, making the air ripple and bubble as if it were melted cheese. If a metal plate were near it, it would have been burned through already.

Right now, Fei was less than 20 meters away from Domenech.

Behind him, Hazel Bank was at the most critical moment in the advancement process. His aura was changing, and his body and energy form were both becoming stronger.

However, he needed a little more time and space.

That little demand felt like an unclimbable mountain, blocking the path of success.

In face of the destructive power, Fei knew that he couldn’t get closer to Domenech anymore. Therefore, he made a decision and raised the crossing swords over his head, roaring and unleashing the strike that was supposed to land on Domenech.

There was no explosion or loud noise.

Like a godly pillar, this huge orange fire sword slowly tilted toward Fei. Both Fei and [The Throne of Chaos] felt small and insignificant in front of it.

[Colossus Blade] and [Mythical Sword] crossed above Fei’s head and blocked the orange fire sword. However, these two set items that were used by the legendary King of Barbarians, Bul-Kathos, started to get hot.

As if they were soaked in blood, many bright-red patterns shone on the bodies of the swords, and these patterns projected large runes into the air, fighting Domenech’s Sun-Class Technique – [Sword of Fire Judgment].

Due to the insane heat energy coming from the orange fire sword, the two swords in Fei’s hands turned burning hot, and it felt like they were going to melt at any time!

Fei could clearly tell that the durability of the two swords was dropping at a fast pace. The three-digit numbers quickly turned into two-digit numbers, and the two-digit numbers were going to become one-digit numbers soon.

“They can last about 30 seconds……”

Fei’s hands were turning black and were getting burned because of the insanely-hot swords. The metal gauntlets soon turned red-hot as well, and hissing noises sounded as a burned-meat smell appeared. Streaks of black smoke were coming out of the small openings on the gauntlets.

Fei’s hands were almost completely cooked, and the unbearable pain was stimulating his brain aggressively.

However, Fei’s eyes couldn’t be brighter!

His hands that were holding onto the two swords didn’t shiver, and his aura didn’t change as well.

“Squeak! Squeak!”

Little Raccoon that was standing on Fei’s shoulder looked anxious and angry. It let out a series of cries as it was in a state of hesitation. However, that hesitation only lasted about three seconds.

Three seconds later, it jumped onto Fei’s head and reached out its furry front paws, trying to block the orange fire sword that was crushing down on Fei.

“Hey, be careful! It is a sword made from pure fire elements! You will die……” Fei shouted; he was shocked by what Little Raccoon was doing.

However, something mystic happened next.

Little Raccoon that was supposed to be burned into ashes placed its front paws onto the orange fire sword. The fire sword that was destroying Fei’s magic swords didn’t even burn off a single hair on Little Raccoon’s body.

“Squeak! Squeak!”

Little Raccoon held onto its breath and tried its best to push this orange fire sword away. Its muscles were bulging, and its eyes were wide open.

Although the orange fire sword couldn’t injure it by heat, the sword still contained a ton of physical force. Therefore, even though this little guy gave it all it had, it was too small and couldn’t help Fei much.

However, Fei was touched.

This creature, that was ‘useless’ in Cain’s words, displayed its loyalty at this moment. Fei was touched and felt like his love toward it didn’t go to waste.

It felt like the time was passing by slowly, but it was going by rapidly in reality.

Standing on [The Throne of Chaos], Fei tried his best to counter the force exerted by the orange fire sword, but he was pushed back slowly a meter after another.

The insane heat coming from this sword was burning his forearms and elbows now.

Even though his forearms and elbows had the protection of the items from Diablo World, they were turning black and dry.

“Hahaha, King of Chambord, how much longer can you last? If you try to move away now, you may still survive.”

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  1. BellCross Wolfstein

    What ever the Fck happened with the protective shield of the chaos throne?

    • Vash the Stampede

      Yeah, or I was expecting him to turn the throne around so the blade hits the back of it and does nothing

    • Dirgan

      The author try to drag on the plot, so…

  2. goldenxman

    Barbarian can only evolve if their opponent was stronger than them , so MC need to struggle .

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