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Hail the King Chapter 551.1

Chapter 551: My Turn (Part One)

It was that mysterious stone pillar

This stone pillar that was broke in half in the Sky Castle got fixed for some inexplicable reason after Fei used it to purify the stained [Worldstone]. After that, it had been living in Fei’s body, but it just wouldn’t respond to Fei’s calls at all.

However, at this moment when Fei’s life was in danger, it lightly shivered.

Due to this shiver, a phenomenon occurred.

It was an incredible power that rushed out of Fei’s body.

If Domenech’s [Sword of Fire Judgment] was as powerful as the energy of a god, the power emitted by the mysterious stone pillar was like the anger of the king of gods!

No words could describe this terrifying power!

Nothing could stop it!

The huge orange fire sword couldn’t do anything to this power! It felt like everything was happening at the reverse! Like a flame that was being blown in the wind, the orange fire sword that was more than 1,000 meters long got smaller and smaller!

“What is this?” Domenech’s eyes opened wide.

The energy that appeared in Fei’s body even scared him, a Sun-Class Lord. It made him want to kneel and worship.

Even Yassin, his nemesis, didn’t bring him this level of suffocating pressure.

In less than 10 seconds, the gigantic orange fire sword disappeared. The sky that was extremely dark in comparison brightened up, and everything was returned to their original forms as if nothing happened.

This insane power that was on the level of the king of gods came sudden and left fast as well.

Fei was stunned, and he lightly opened his hands.

The metal gauntlets already cracked and fell onto the ground, and the durability of [Immortal King’s Soul Cage] dropped below three digits, revealing some of Fei’s skin through the holes.

However, the black and completed burned skin and limbs on Fei’s body were instantly healed by this great energy. His skin was smooth and soft as if he was reborn.

“Such a terrifying power! It is unchallengeable!”

This power came out of Fei’s body, so he was able to get a feel for it. As soon as that power appeared, Fei felt like he was the king of the gods! He felt like he was the ruler of the world and could decide on everyone’s life.

He could make flowers to blossom, force trees to dry out, and create heaven and hell!

All of that originated from the light shivering of that mysterious stone pillar!

Unfortunately, it seemed like that stone pillar was very cheap. After it saved Fei from death, it wasn’t willing to lend Fei any more of its power. It didn’t matter how hard Fei tried, it wouldn’t respond.

“That…… That…… You couldn’t have that kind of power! How are you capable of obtaining power beyond the realm of mortals?” Domenech dashed away for 100 meters and looked back at Fei with eyes filled with shock.

That power was too mighty!

If he were lightly touched by it, he would be turned into specks of dust.

At that moment, he felt like he sensed his death. Just as he was about to give up and surrender, that unimaginable power suddenly disappeared as if it never existed.

He was shocked, and he stared at Fei, trying to figure something out.

Fei didn’t have an expression on his face.

He took out another bottom of [Full Rejuvenation Potion] from his storage ring and poured it into Little Raccoon’s mouth.

Soon, this little guy woke up, and it started to squeak after seeing Domenech who was standing not too far away. Its hair and tail stood up, and it looked around anxiously, trying to get Fei to leave this place as soon as possible.

Behind Fei, energy mists were being breathed in and exhaled out by Hazel Bank in a unique manner; it felt like a giant was breathing and affecting the natural elements in the area.

This was a sign showing that the advancement process of becoming a Sun-Class Lord was almost completed.

“No! This isn’t your power! Impossible!…….” As he sensed the aura on Hazel Bank, Domenech started to lose patience. As crazy lights appeared in her eyes, he decided to test Fei again.

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  1. OG

    Getting hot and heavy!

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  2. Finally revenge hehe

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    After he become a sun coass lord he cant hide hide energy. I think they all forgot about that little detail the will mosy likely be significant in the future ??‍♂️

  4. hikikomori hachiman

    “No! This isn’t your power! Impossible!…….” As he sensed the aura on Hazel Bank, Domenech started to lose patience. As crazy lights appeared in her eyes, he decided to test Fei again.


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