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Hail the King Chapter 551.2

Chapter 551: My Turn (Part Two)

“I don’t believe that you can use that kind of power twice in a row. Take this, [World-Ending Meteor]!”

As loud howling noises sounded, many flames appeared in the air. Then, a spherical meteor that was more than ten meters long in diameter flew down from the sky, targeting Fei and Hazel Bank.

As if this meteor was tearing the sky apart, it left a series of afterimages in the air.

A serious expression appeared on Fei’s face; he was already exhausted from the earlier battles.

Although he looked like he could still battle, he was just putting on a show. In fact, he didn’t even have the strength to hold onto his weapons, let alone stopping the giant meteor that was coming down from the sky.

A hundred meters……

Fifty meters……

Thirty meters……

Ten meters……

Three meters……

Fei didn’t move, and he just stood there and sensed the energy inside the approaching meteor. The wind created by it alone was enough to suffocate him a little.

However, the king had a relieved smile on his face.


A surge of grey energy soared into the sky behind Fei.

All the flames were extinguished by this energy instantly, and the meteor that was quickly approaching also got knocked back, disappeared into the sky after a few seconds like the seed of a dandelion.

The danger was finally resolved!

“We would be both smashed into meat pastes if you move any later,” Fei said as he calmed down. Since he was now safe, the last bit of strength he had supporting his body was gone, and he fell back into [The Throne of Chaos] after a little stagger.

“It is good that I made it. Now, it is my turn!” Hazel Bank slowly stood up from the ground and waved his hand, taking away all the stealth array formations on the mountain.

Without any energy surge on him, Hazel Bank walked in thin-air, creating a grey magic energy lotus under his feet every time he stood a step. He walked in front of Fei, blocking him and protecting him from Domenech.

Just like how Fei battled Domenech and didn’t back off even though he was going to be killed, Hazel Bank was going protect Fei this time.

Although he wasn’t able to move and speak during the advancement process, he witnessed what happened.

Honestly, even Hazel Bank himself didn’t expect that Fei was willing to die for him, a person who the king met less than a month ago.

Hazel Bank had been around for hundreds of years, but he was stunned and touched like never before!

He was calm and collected on the surface, but he was staring at Domenech with battle-hungriness.

Sensing this, Domenech quickly woke up from the shock that the sudden appearance of that mysterious power brought him.

The wind fluttered his white robe, and he held onto his wand tightly. With a smile on his face, he said, “You advanced a lot faster than I anticipated; you are a genius as well. However, I have been a Sun-Class Lord for more than a year now, and you just advanced. You are still like a child who is learning to walk in my eyes! How dare you challenge me this recklessly?”

“You talk too much!”

The Undead Mage waved his hand as if he was trying to get rid of a fly, and an invisible energy instantly dashed toward Domenech.

Domenech got a little angry at Hazel Bank’s disrespectful move.


Two completely different energies collided, and energy waves expanded outward, looking as beautiful as a firework.

“Eh…… Puff!”

Domenech spat out a mouthful of blood and screamed afterward. With a shocked expression on his face, he turned around and tried to escape without saying anything.

“Too late!”

Hazel Bank already anticipated this, and he waved his hand again emotionlessly.

Whoosh! The world around them changed.

As if an invisible hand spilled a giant bottle of ink in the sky, the bright sky suddenly darkened. Black cloud-like energy dashed out of Hazel Bank’s body and expanded outward, and the expansion speed was so fast that it instantly reached Domenech and enveloped him.

“Sun Anomaly? You mastered your Sun Anomaly already?” Domenech screamed desperately.

Fei realized that everything around him changed as if he was now inside another world.

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