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Hail the King Chapter 552.1

Chapter 552: I’m the God in Here! (Part One)

The bright sky, huge mountains, and green grasses were now all gone.

The world Fei was in right now was gloomy and isolated. Thick dark clouds were hanging low in the sky, and there was no wind. The atmosphere in here was desperate and sad.

Those alone weren’t shocking.

What was shocking was that the ground in this unique world was made from white bones! There were so many bones that the landmass looked endless like an ocean, and there were blue will-o’-the-wisps dancing around, adding more chilliness to the atmosphere.

Suddenly, as if they were commanded by something terrifying, the white bones started to move up and down like the waves in the ocean. The rough and ear-piercing bone-grinding noises sounded, adding more flavor to this dead and isolated world.

Visible streaks of grey mists appeared from the bones, creating numerous images where all kinds of creatures were screaming and howling before their death. The terrifying images could tear people’s minds and souls apart, scarring them for the rest of their lives.

The grey mist was undead energy, and this was a world of death.

It was Hazel Bank’s Sun Anomaly – [Path of the Grim Reaper].

Like a true spectator, Fei lied on [The Throne of Chaos] comfortably and took out drinks and delicious dishes from his storage ring. The battle consumed too much of his energy and power, and he had to replenish them. Little Raccoon sat on Fei’s lap and smiled as it held a bottle of wine and chewed on roasted meat.

With a set of black armor on him, the Undead Mage stood in the sky like a demon deity.

The red cape fluttered behind him quietly, looking like a pot of boiling blood.

Standing on the ground, Domenech swallowed his saliva and enveloped himself with an energy flame. As he tried to defend against the corrosion of the undead energy, he looked around and observed everything. Soon, he was shocked and desperate.

“You are an undead mage? Who are you? You can become a Sun-Class Lord as an undead mage; you must be infamous!”

Domenech discovered the real energy that his opponent had, and his heart sunk.

“My name is Hazel Bank,” the Undead Mage answered.

Domenech felt dizzy.

This name alone was mighty, and it almost instantly obliterated the last line of defense in his mind.

Hazel Bank was a senior elder at the [Undead Shrine], and he was one of the few elders who held a lot of power. Also, he was known as the man who was the closest to the Grim Reaper.

Although the Holy Church in the end crushed the [Undead Shrine], this man in front of him killed many top-tier masters of the Holy Church and escaped intact.

For more than 100 years now, the Holy Church saw him as a nail in its heart and tried to hunt him down. Wanted posters of him were everywhere on the continent.

However, every time he made an appearance, he only brought nightmares to the masters of the Holy Church who were after him.

Top-tier masters like Hazel Bank might have fallen below the Sun-Class due to the injuries over the years. However, once he came back to the realm of Sun-Class, his experience and techniques would allow him to defeat people like Domenech who were relatively inexperienced easily.

“King of Chambord!” Domenech suddenly thought of something and locked his eyes onto Fei. He shouted, “You dare to collude with an undead mage? As a [God’s Favorite Child], you dare to……”

“Your words are ruining the feel. We aren’t colluding; we are just partnering. Ok? It is just a partnership. On top of that, there is nothing strange about this,” Fei laughed as he ate a grape, “Everyone has their secrets. You can kill members of the Holy Church, and I can partner with an undead mage. What is strange about this?”

Domenech was at a loss for words.

“So, I must die today after knowing your secret?” Domenech focused his attention back onto Hazel Bank. He was shocked to hear this name since Hazel Bank was a Sun-Class Lord more than a hundred years ago, but he quickly calmed down somehow with the help of the insane pressure.

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