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Hail the King Chapter 552.2

Chapter 552: I’m the God in Here! (Part Two)

Hazel Bank didn’t reply, but the murderous spirit in his eyes told Domenech everything.

“Ok! Let me see how powerful the man who is the closest to the Grim Reaper is!” Domenech flew into the air. Orange flames rushed out of his body as if a volcano was erupting, and a huge orange fire sword that was about 800 meters long appeared as he chanted the obscure and mystic spell.

It was clear that Domenech was secretly preparing this spell when he was speaking to Fei and Hazel Bank; his casting speed was a lot faster than before.

“[Sword of Fire Judgment] …… Strike!”

A vibration noise sounded, and the huge orange fire sword struck at Hazel Bank with force.

It was this strike that severely injured Fei. If it weren’t for the help from that mysterious stone pillar, the king might have been chopped in half. This technique sure was powerful!

However, Hazel Bank didn’t even move his eyelid.

Only when the orange fire sword was about to touch his forehead, he lightly reached out his hand. He grasped onto thin air, and a huge white bone sword jumped into his hand from the sea of bones; it was made from numerous pieces of white bones that were of various sizes.

“[Undead Furious Bone Sword] …… Strike!”

As Hazel Bank shouted, the white bone sword moved even faster and blocked the orange fire sword before it could touch Hazel Bank’s forehead.


A loud booming noise sounded after the two swords touched.

[Sword of Fire Judgment] that easily destroyed the set item [Bul-Kathos’ Children] couldn’t do anything to the white bone sword. It was stopped five centimeters away from Hazel Bank’s forehead, and it couldn’t move any further.

“You are too weak.”

Hazel Bank shook his head and said.

He raised his arm that was holding the huge white bone sword, and he easily pushed back the orange fire sword inch by inch. Even though Domenech roared and tried to strike down with more force, nothing was changed.

It was like a fight between a child and an adult; it was extremely one-sided.

Soon, the orange fire sword was pushed back by the white bone sword. As a series of crackling noises sounded, the orange fire sword shattered and returned to the pure fire elements before dispersing into the area.

Fei who was watching on [The Throne of Chaos] was shocked by this scene as well. The power Hazel Bank demonstrated was beyond the king’s expectation, and the fact that he easily dismantled the ultimate technique of another Sun-Class Lord was impressive.

“Is this the power of undead energy?” Domenech thought to himself as he backed off several meters. There was a streak of blood on his lips.

He was injured by the repulsion force in [Undead Furious Bone Sword], and he got a first-hand feel of the power of undead mages. It seemed like undead energy was a unique energy that was higher in level compared with the five basic elemental energies. No wonder it was said that the undead energy could harm the gods, and the undead mages were cursed and were hunted by the Holy Church.

Just from that encounter alone, Hazel Bank’s power made Domenech, who already lost more than half of his Sun-Class Core, feel desperate.

“Something darker than the sunset and tastier than the blood. Fire elements, listen to your servant’s wish! Concentrate on my hands…… Let’s merge our power…… I’m willing to use my life energy to ignite the fire god’s anger! Burn all the enemies……”

Domenech laughed with a crazy expression on his face.

“Ignite your core? Want to perish together? Too bad that I’m the god in here!” Hazel Bank was experienced, and he knew what Domenech wanted to do. He reached out his hands and started to chant.

The undead energy in this world started to move.

Suddenly, a huge white hand that was made from bones dashed out of the sea of bones and grabbed onto Domenech who was about to unleash his most destructive attack.

Then, more and more hands appeared and grabbed onto him.

Soon, Domenech was wrapped by mountains of bones; the No.1 Royal Mage of the Leon Empire was constrained entirely in there. Like chains, the white bones connected and locked onto each other, and the undead energy enforced those connections, making the seal even tighter.

In the end, a mountain that was more than 1,000 meters tall was formed.

The ultimate white bone prison!

Bam! Bam!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Soon, a series of loud explosion noises sounded within the bone mountain, and some fire could be seen through the tiny slits between bones.

Domenech self-detonated in there.

Even though the loud explosion shook the bone mountain, it didn’t collapse.

Three minutes later, the explosion quieted down, and the dense fire elements started to disperse into the air.

Like a candle that got blown out, Domenech’s fire of life was extinguished.

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