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Hail the King Chapter 553.1

Chapter 553: Little Raccoon’s Change (Part One)

Fei shook his head and sighed as he sensed the dispersing of the fire elements.

Domenech, a mighty Sun-Class Lord, died just like that!

He could have left a significant mark in the history books, he could have grown into one of the most powerful mages on the continent, and he could have become the idol to many other mages. He was capable of so much more!

However, the even more powerful Hazel Bank lightly waved his hand and killed this mage who had limitless potential.

When the explosion happened inside of the white bone mountain, Domenech’s legendary path was ended before it could unfold.

This was the law of the jungle!

This was a natural law that made and broke many warriors and mages.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hazel Bank waved his hand, and the undead energy dispersed. Then, the white bones that constructed the mountain started to collapse, and they fell back into the sea of bones like water droplets to the ocean. Then, a few clouds of red mist slowly appeared.

That was the last mark that Domenech left in this world.

After these clouds of red mist disperse, the last bit of evidence that proved Domenech’s existence would be gone, and the rest would be history.

Fei lightly exhaled, and he got rid of the mix of emotions on his mind. Then, he felt extremely joyous. Hazel Bank was much stronger than he expected; it was beyond his wildest dreams.

How the Undead Mage easily killed Domenech made Fei wonder who was stronger? Emperor Yassin or Hazel Bank?

This thought only appeared in Fei’s head for a second before disappearing.

“Your Majesty!” The Undead Mage dashed to Fei and greeted him; it was a formal greeting that subordinates would use toward a lord.

Although he didn’t say anything, his actions showed Fei that he was swearing his 100% loyalty.

What happened a few moments ago was still being replayed in Hazel Bank’s mind. The scene, where Fei stood in front of him and protected him despite the deadly danger, ironed itself into his soul. Even if the king didn’t have the purest form of undead energy – death energy, he would still swear his loyalty.

“Should we leave the [Path of the Grim Reaper] and find a better place to chat?” Fei had many questions that he wanted to ask the Undead Mage.

Hazel Bank understood the hidden meaning in Fei’s words. He thought about it and replied, “Your Majesty, you don’t need to worry. Sun Anomalies are parallel universes so that they won’t leave any marks in the real world. Therefore, no one can detect the undead energy. Although I just returned to the Sun-Class Realm, maintaining the Sun Anomaly won’t take too much energy.”

“Eh, sounds good.” Fei nodded.

Fei gave Hazel Bank a quick overview of what happened to him after he entered the level 36 region. He didn’t hide the existence of the Sky Castle, but he didn’t mention the mysterious stone pillar and the purification of the [Worldstone]. After all, the [Worldstone] connected to Diablo World, the place where Fei’s strength and power originated from.

A person should always keep some secrets to himself or herself.

Afterward, Fei told the Undead Mage about what happened in Dual-Flags City.

“That damn Arthur!” Hazel Bank shook his head and said angrily. “In the last few hundred years, Arthur had made several mistakes due to his drinking problem. His bad habit got the best of him again this time.”

Fei laughed, “That is alright. It wasn’t that terrible. If Arthur didn’t appear, no one would be able to capture [Snow Mountain Hermit] and his son, Tony.”

After he said that, he thought of something else and told Hazel Bank about how Little Raccoon wasn’t injured by the heat energy coming from the orange fire sword.

He asked, “Do you know why? This little guy is a little strange.”

“Eh…… If I’m not wrong, this little demon beast is a rare mutated creature. It can consume the elemental crystal cores to improve its strength. Your Majesty said that it ate a small piece of Domenech’s Sun-Class Core. I think it digested that piece of fire-elemental crystal core and is now immune to fire.”

As Hazel Bank said that, he rubbed his hands all over Little Raccoon’s body despite this little creature’s resistance such as kicks and bites; he even touched Little Raccoon’s private parts. In the end, he didn’t find anything that could object to his hypothesis.

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