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Hail the King Chapter 554.1

Chapter 554: Got Blocked (Part One)

“What is going on?” Fei furrowed his brows and asked, “Could it be that someone is attacking the [Path of the Grim Reaper]?”

“It doesn’t seem like it,” the Undead Mage looked at the cracks that were appearing in the sky and said. After he detected what was happening outside his Sun Anomaly, he stopped trying to maintain the [Path of the Grim Reaper] and explained, “From the look of it, it seems like the time is up.”

Soon, this space started to collapse, and it returned to the grey mist form. The [Path of the Grim Reaper] disappeared from Fei’s sight.

Green grasses and blue sky reappeared. The gloominess and the chilliness from Hazel Bank’s Sun Anomaly were gone, and the air was refreshing.

There were still marks in the surroundings that were left by the battle between Fei and Domenech.

Dashes of deep sword marks on the grassland, the green liquid from the grasses that looked like the blood of the ground, the deep pits that were created by the meteor shower and still had flames burning in them, and the mountains that were broken and cracked…… All of this went to show how destructive and how shocking the battle was.

When Fei and Hazel Bank both returned to the level 36 region, they found that a ton of pressure was being created in this small world. The natural laws that were clear and calm started to become chaotic, and the space behaved like an active stomach, trying to push out all the unwelcomed guests.

Even though Hazel Bank was a mighty Sun-Class Lord, he couldn’t resist against this natural pressure.

In contrast, Fei was feeling at ease. [The Throne of Chaos] could fight against this pressure. Whenever the terrifying pressure that Hazel Bank couldn’t even deal with pushed against Fei, the throne would release a silver energy, dissolving that pressure four meters away before it could touch Fei.

“Time is up; this small world no longer welcomes us. If we want to come back, we would need to wait for another 20 years for the [Mythical Gate] to reopen.” As Hazel Bank said that, a silver portal appeared in the sky, and the pressure pushed him toward that portal.

As a silver light flashed by, he disappeared from this world.

Fei didn’t choose to stay. He moved [The Throne of Chaos] and went into the portal that looked identical to the [Elemental Gates] on the [Elemental Altar].

At the same time, many identical portals appeared in the small world, and many masters were pushed toward the portal. Some people achieved their goals and were willing to leave, but some people didn’t and were reluctant. However, the latter group of people couldn’t do anything about it.

“Hahahahah! Finally! I advanced! After being stuck at top-tier New Moon for 50 years, I finally became a Half Moon Elite and gained another 100 years of life! Hahahaha, with my previous accumulation of resources, I should have a smooth cultivation process!” someone cried.

“Damn it! Just a little bit more! Damn! I’m not leaving! Ahhhhhhhh!” someone roared angrily.

“Eh, I finally got a feel of that level of power. This trip to the Mythical Palace is worth it!”

“Snake-Forming Grass, Spider-Pattern Powder, Snow Iron, Tear-Drop Gold…… Hahaha! I’m rich now! I collected so many natural treasures. With them, our Jasso Family will be prosperous for another 1,000 years! I need to thank the King of Chambord for this opportunity; our Jasso Family won’t forget about this.”

“Fairenton, time is up. You advanced to Moon-Class; it is a good accomplishment.”

“We need to leave now. I want to stay here…… If I can stay and cultivate for ten years, I will become a top-tier master on the continent. Too bad……”

People with different mindsets went through the portals and disappeared from this world.

After the last person got kicked out, this small world returned to its quietness and peacefulness.

It was waiting for another group of lucky masters to arrive in 20 years.


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  1. hikikomori hachiman

    Why no looting in this novel?
    I mean I get that it could have been destroyed by the self detonation but still….
    This isn’t the first time.
    And that red mist is…kinda disturbing.

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