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Hail the King Chapter 555.1

Chapter 555: Fei’s Move (Part One)

This person was hidden amongst the crowd, and he didn’t show his face. He changed his positions and continued to stir up everyone’s emotion. His intent was genuinely vicious.

However, his dirty trick was very useful in this situation when the atmosphere was intense.

Many people were blind by greed, and adrenaline was rushing into their heads; all of them were extremely anxious. Like firewood with gasoline on it, they were easily triggered by the simple provocation.

A few people couldn’t hold back their emotions and made moves.

“Hand out your treasures……”

“Hahahah! Die!”

As they laughed viciously, their energies dashed toward the few elderly warriors who were weaker. It was easier to kill them, so they were the targets for everyone.

At this moment, a voice sounded, “Humph!”

This light snort shocked everyone; they felt like a hammer beat their hearts.

The blue figure on the [Elemental Altar] made a move unexpectedly. It was Emperor Yassin.

The people who just jumped onto the altar didn’t have time to react. They were hit by an invisible energy; before they could even scream, booming noises sounded, and these people exploded like fireworks in the sky. Blood mists were everywhere, and broken limbs and torn flesh flew in every direction.

This sudden change shocked everyone who was there.

“Damn it! He is a murderer! Damn it, how vicious! What are we waiting for? Let’s kill this devil and take his treasures; we don’t need to fight such a monster in a one vs. one battle!”

The person who stirred up the crowd shouted again. He continued to move around, making it hard to spot where he was.


Emperor Yassin pointed his finger, and a dash of golden sword energy shot out of the altar.

“Ah!” a scream sounded, and that voice stopped.

A mid-aged man, who was thin and had small eyes, covered his throat with both of his hands. As a series of dry coughs sounded, he fell back onto the ground unwillingly and died.

Emperor Yassin was one of the most powerful people here, and he instantly spotted the person who was stirring up the crowd.

The power and domination Emperor Yassin showed stunned almost everyone around the altar. They looked at each other and didn’t dare to create a commotion.

When Empire Yassin glanced at them, they felt like their faces were being carved by a blade. No one dared to look back at him, and they all lowered their heads.

“This is within the territory of Zenit! Anyone who dares to create chaos shall be killed!”

The cold words and overbearing tone turned the entire area silent; no one dared to object him.

Although most of the people didn’t know who this blue-haired mid-age man was, Emperor Yassin’s domineering presence made the people, who wanted to commit indecent acts in the chaos, feel like they were standing in a freezer. They had to suppress their greed and wait.

“Let’s go!” After stunning everyone, Emperor Yassin didn’t plan to stay. With his two guards behind him, he walked down the [Elemental Altar] and toward the exit.

The people in his way all moved aside as if he was as terrifying as the most poisonous snake or scorpion.

Before he was about to disappear into afar, Emperor Yassin who had been walking forward calmly turned around as if he thought of something. He looked at Hazel Bank who was wearing the Hello Kitty mask and asked, “Was it you who killed Domenech?”

A hint of battle-hungriness appeared in his eyes.

Since the small world already closed, the people who didn’t come out were all killed in there.

Domenech still didn’t appear, and it told everyone else that he was killed.

Out of everyone who was inside the small world, the only person who had the ability to kill Domenech was this mysterious man with the mask on his face. From him, Emperor Yassin sensed an aura that only belonged to Sun-Class Lords.

Hazel Bank nodded.

“Ok. Today isn’t convenient for me. I look forward to battling you in the future.” Emperor Yassin nodded back.

He didn’t expect that someone would jump out midway and kill Domenech; it ruined his plans. Although Hazel Bank didn’t kill Domenech to mess with him, Emperor Yassin was proud, and he saw this as a challenge. Therefore, this small incident meant that there was going to be a battle between them.

However, since Hazel Bank had a powerful aura around him, even Emperor Yassin wasn’t 100% sure if he could defeat this man. In addition, he had more things to do at the moment.

Therefore, that fight had to be delayed.

“I look forward to it as well,” Hazel Bank replied calmly, not showing any fear.

After a snort, Emperor Yassin asked again, “Where is Alexander?”

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  1. Ethan_Nakamura

    Thx for the chapter.

  2. Yuhao Huo

    Yassin looks like he has some kind of affection towards Alexander . . let’s follow the logic of the cliche . . Yassin is Alexander’s father right? I mean we only heard of Alexander’s parent but never really get to see any proof they really were blood-related or i’m missing something . . .

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