Chapter 556: Domination (Part One)

This sudden change shocked everyone.

When the beautiful ripples appeared in the area, the people who were about to attack temporarily stopped their actions.

A huge beautiful and prestigious silver throne slowly appeared out of nowhere, and a handsome young man was sitting on this majestic throne. Although no warrior energy surge or magic energy surge could be sensed from him, others felt like he was mighty and dangerous.

On his shoulder, there was a rare treasure-seeking beast. It didn’t have any combat ability and was kind of chubby, but it was looking at the people around the altar with a gloating expression on its face.

Fei’s sudden appearance made the atmosphere strange.

“Who…… are you?”

That top-tier Half Moon Elite carefully observed Fei and asked after he didn’t sense any real danger.

“Ah! It is the King of Chambord! King Alexander, His Majesty!!”

Before Fei could reply, the elderly warriors already recognized him, and they cheered as if their savior were here.

Sitting on the throne in mid-air, Fei nodded at them.

These elderly warriors all had good morals, and they were able to withhold their greed and let Fei get the treasures first in the level 36 region. Therefore, Fei had good impressions of them, and getting relationships established with them wasn’t a bad idea.

“Leave one-third of your collections to them, and you guys can go,” Fei smiled and said to the seven elderly warriors. Rather than leaving the people around the altar with no hope, he chose an option that was somewhat in the middle.

“As you wish! We will listen to you!” the seven elderly warriors agreed joyously; being able to keep two-thirds of what they got from the core region was already great enough.

However, others weren’t happy with Fei’s solution.

“Hehehe, who do you think you are? How dare you get involved with this? I say no to that! Leave all of what you have!”

“Hahaha! Yeah! Kid, f*ck off! You need to go back and drink some milk, not sit on a crappy throne and pretend to be a master! I think you want to die! F*ck off!”

“Wait, let him stay. I think his throne is a treasure as well. Hehe, maybe he has more treasures on him!”

“Humph! Ridiculous! Are you trying to be the boss in front of us? Punk! Don’t even try to leave now!”

The masters who were blind by greed felt the adrenaline rush, and their eyes were almost bright red. Most of them were used to this lifestyle, and they weren’t going to turn around and let go of these seven elderly warriors when they had great treasures on them. Also, some of the more vicious ones even tried to kill Fei.


The master in the lead sneered and dashed at Fei. Net-shaped blue energy rushed toward Fei; this man was trying to kill Fei with his ultimate technique right away!

“Ah! Why is that only blood and death will wake you up?”

Fei frowned and instantly disappeared before the blue energy could touch him.

“This…… no!” This attacker was surprised.

Before he could react, he sensed an indefensible energy coming toward him from the back, and crackling noises sounded. His spine broke, and his vision darkened. Like an overblown balloon, his body popped, and flesh flew in all directions.

Instant kill!

Whoosh! Fei lightly blew off the blood on his fist.

When he disappeared in front of that master, he instantly appeared behind him. The insane strength of the Nightmare Mode Barbarian unleashed, and it obliterated this opponent. Fei didn’t show any mercy this time.

When Fei used all his strength, even the Sun-Class Lord Domenech suffered, let alone this Moon-Class Elite.


Many masters gasped, and shock couldn’t be hidden from their faces.

“Killing a top-tier Half Moon Elite with only one strike?”

Everyone here today knew that they couldn’t do the same.

Now, they knew that this young man, who had no warrior energy surge or magic energy surge on him, was actually an insanely powerful and ruthless person.

Some of them started to swallow their saliva and slowly backed off.

They were all stunned by Fei’s shocking strike.

“Let’s go! There is only one of him! Can he kill us all?” Someone hidden in the crowd tried to stir up the masters.

“Yeah, I don’t think he could stop all of us! Let’s go and kill these seven old men! We will be rich even if we can only get one 1,000-year-old spiritual herb!” There was more than one person who tried to create a commotion.

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