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Hail the King Chapter 558.1

Chapter 558: Stories on The Way Back (Part One)

-Three days later-

The cold winter had passed by, and the feeling of spring was spreading on the northern land.

This was a region where there were quite a few hills.

The yellow and dry grasses started to get a faint of greenness in them, and it was quite refreshing.

The wind wasn’t that dry anymore; instead, it was a little humid.

Suddenly, a flag that had an image of a two-headed dog which bit onto an ax and a blade on it appeared in a valley. The spring wind fluttered this strange-looking yet majestic flag, and it looked like a black dragon that was trying to break away.

Then, the muscular cavalier who was holding the flag appeared.

This man was huge, and he was riding a level 4 roaring flame beast that was howling. Its eyes were bloody-red, and its teeth were sharp. The red hair on its body lightly concealed the shiny scales under it, and flames could be seen around its hooves. When it ran, it looked like it was flying on top of red clouds.

After the cavalier made an appearance, a team of more than 300 cavaliers appeared.

There were 20 other cavaliers who were just as muscular and big as the first cavalier, and they were also riding level 4 roaring flame beast. They were in a V-shape formation, and they protected the cavaliers on horses in the center.

Closer to the front of the team, there was a giant black beast that was more than six meters tall and about 16 meters long from head to tail walking with them.

On the back of this huge dragon-like beast, there was a majestic silver throne with statues of warriors and goddesses around it. A handsome young man was sitting on the throne, and he had a beautiful black-haired girl in his arms. As a small animal danced in front of them, this young man leaned over to the girl and whispered something into her ear, making she giggle continuously.

The chubby raccoon-like animal was wearing a grass skirt, and it was wriggling its butt and hula dancing unwillingly.

Three huge beasts that were more than 10 meters long flew in the sky. They were red, blue, and green, and they were letting out cheerful cries as they enjoyed the wind. Their voices contained a little pressure and holiness, and the animals in the forests all shivered and fled at the sound of them

It was clear that this was Chambord’s troop.

After the war in the Jax Battle Zone was over, they were finally on their way home after leaving the Chambord Kingdom for about five months.

“Angela, tell those three little over-energetic idiots to quiet it down. If they continue, our horses will be terrified and have mental issues,” Fei said to Angela.

Sitting on [The Throne of Chaos] that was temporarily set on Blacky’s back, Fei raised his head and looked at the three small dragons in the sky. Then, he turned around and looked at the war horses that were so terrified that white foams came out of their mouths.

There had been more than a dozen horses that were experiencing mental issues because of the three dragons’ irregular roars.

That was right! Three dragons!

When Hazel Bank saw the three creatures three days ago, he also screamed. As someone who had been around for more than 400 years, he instantly identified them as dragons that had been extinct on the continent. So far, they only made appearances in the stories told by the traveling poets.

This information shocked the king at first, but he was soon thrilled.

“Who knew that the three stone eggs I bought from an old man who was shivering in the cold could give life to these three dragons! I only paid a few hundred gold coins! Dragon! Dragons! Hahaha, after Thug, Chick, and Hooligan grow up, I can train them and create three dragon knights, right?”

“Wait, isn’t Chick a female dragon? If Chick could mate with Thug or Hooligan, they could create a bunch of little dragons. Eh, but are they siblings? I hope not……” the king thought to himself, and he felt like his idea was too much. Therefore, he had to give up the idea of creating hundreds of dragon knights.

“They just learned how to fly, and they want to have more fun,” Angela replied as she covered her snickering with her hand. Then, she waved at the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three dragons flew down. However, since their landing skills weren’t that good, they smashed onto the ground. Three deep pits were created, and clouds of dust appeared.

This kind of smashes was nothing to these three, and they weren’t injured at all. They crawled out of the pits and all squatted down, reaching out their front limbs and sticking out their tongues. With their tails wriggling, they looked like three big dogs that were begging for treats.

Fei covered his eyes; he was at a loss for words.

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  1. Tom

    Why didn’t Angela change their names, there are dragons I am awful at names but I would at least try.

    • WirlWind

      I think the most important question is – How the hell did he not realize they were dragons until he was told so!?

      He already knew they were lizards and they obviously have wings and can breathe fire / etc…

      And it’s not like he has never heard of or seen pictures of dragons back on Earth…

  2. Nathan

    I doubt there would be a problem breeding them as they seem to be different subspecies. Many animals interbreed anyways if the population is low.

  3. shadowtrap2010

    before that can you feed them? most predator extinct because of food either there not enough food or the food evolve and outclass them!

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