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Hail the King Chapter 559.1

Chapter 559: Stories on The Way Back (2) (Part One)

It was clear that the dark-skinned and muscular man was Husky Emile who was recruited by Fei.

When the troop of Chambord left Dual-Flags City, Fei brought this simple-minded but pure young man with him after getting consent. Jessica, his sister, was being sent to Chambord by Manager Abramovich to establish a new branch.

Abramovich had his plans. By sending Jessica, who was already friends with the King of Chambord, to the Chambord Kingdom, it would maintain the relationship between him and Fei. Instead of growing apart due to the long distance, he was helping Chambord’s economy by investing in it, making their relationship tighter.

This way, Husky and Jessica didn’t need to separate as brother and sister, and it wasn’t a bad arrangement.

“Brother, why did the royal family and the Military Headquarter pull away His Majesty’s title as the Legion Commander of [Wolf Teeth Legion]? Didn’t His Majesty do a good job? They didn’t give His Majesty that many soldiers…… If His Majesty didn’t stop the invaders of Jax, Dual-Flags City might have been conquered…… Every single person in Dual-Flags City is thankful for His Majesty’s work…… What the royal family and the Military Headquarter did is truly disappointing.”

Jessica said as she pouted. She threw a small piece of rock into the lake, and it created a series of ripples.

Husky laughed and scratched his head.

Although he had been following Fei for the last while, he didn’t pay attention to anything else except for Fei’s safety. In Fei’s words, Husky’s head was filled with muscle and a tiny bit of brain. He was too simple to think about all the complicated matter.

“I heard that…… Crown Prince Arshavin and His Majesty have some conflicts. Therefore, he ordered the military headquarter to mess with His Majesty.” Husky used all he got and vaguely came up with a reasonable explanation.

“Arshavin His Highness? Really? A genius like Arshavin His Highness should appreciate someone like Mr. Alexander, no? They are the two most talented young man in Zenit! People are saying that although Emperor Yassin is ill, Zenit is lucky to have them two. After Arshavin His Highness becomes the emperor, Mr. Alexander could become the No.1 Warrior of the empire and help him!” Jessica looked at her brother and asked, “Brother, did you hear it wrong?”

“No, no.” Husky quickly shook his head. After he looked around and made sure that no one was close by, he walked up and whispered, “Three days ago, when the special envoy from the Military Headquarter arrived at Dual-Flags City, I was with His Majesty and witnessed the whole thing. That damn envoy was very arrogant, and he was not polite at all. He said that the Military Headquarter was very displeased by the progress at the Jax Battle Zone; his tone was very stern. After he stripped away His Majesty’s titles, he told other people in private that Emperor Yassin no longer values His Majesty, and Second Prince Dominguez who supports His Majesty also lost in the battle of the throne. Except for Crown Prince Arshavin who has issues with His Majesty, a few noble families and Fourth Prince Chrystal are also trying to cause trouble for His Majesty; they hate His Majesty. Since His Majesty killed the leaders of the seven noble families, they are going to use that against him. Once His Majesty is convicted, the consequences might be too severe to overcome.”

“What? That serious?” Jessica was shocked. She jumped up and said anxiously, “Does His Majesty know about this? No, I need to tell him……”

Before she could finish, she rushed toward the King’s Tent.

Husky was surprised. He grabbed onto his sister’s wrist and said, “Jessica, wait. His Majesty already knows about it. Think about it; this is something that even I know. How could His Majesty not know about it?”

Jessica thought about it and flushed.

She was a smart girl. Although she only got into the affluent circle recently, her mind was a lot broader. Manager Abramovich taught her well, so she was able to think everything through in a short moment.

For some reason, as soon as she heard that Fei might be in danger, she lost her cool and logic. Her heart raced, and she got very worried. She wanted to tell that person all about it.

Touching her burning cheeks, she peeked at her simple-minded brother and realized that he didn’t discover anything. She calmed down a little, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Does His Majesty have a way to deal with it? If…… If……”

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