Chapter 561: You Forgot About A Person (Part One)

Old Aryang sighed as he said that.

This young king, whom he decided to follow at his lowest point in life, turned out to be the most unique person ever

The situation at Zenit was very special; nothing similar to it happened in the last 60 years. If this were any other affiliated kingdom, the only solution would be to surrender to Crown Prince Arshavin. However, to Chambord, it felt like child’s play.

The absolute individual strength allowed the king to jump out of the game and observe everything as a bystander. He was in control, and he could rewrite rules if he wanted to. Therefore, Zenit’s God of War was like a clown in Fei’s eyes.

This was true power!

When a person’s individual strength reached a certain level, he or she would be able to ignore the military and masters of an empire. All sorts of conspiracies and traps would be useless.

Unfortunately, there were just too many things that Old Aryang couldn’t predict.

If he knew that Emperor Yassin, who was rumored to be very ill, almost killed a Sun-Class Lord in the Mythical Palace, his judgment would change; at least he would know that Fei wasn’t invincible in Zenit yet.

Of course, the king had many trump cards that other people couldn’t even imagine!

If Chambord and Zenit had to go separate ways, even though Emperor Yassin was powerful, Chambord wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.

The only thing was that Fei was thinking about the bigger picture, and he didn’t want the situation to worsen.

In addition, Crown Prince Arshavin’s will didn’t represent the Royal Family’s will. The person who was still in control of the empire was the actor named Yassin. He fooled everyone with his act, but he no longer could continue the act after the trip to the Mythical Altar.

What Old Aryang said to the warriors of Chambord was good. He warned these guys who were simple-minded not to cause more troubles for the king, and he also didn’t hinder the morale. Instead, the warriors of Chambord actually got even more confident. It achieved three objectives at the same time.

As they continued to chat, the conversation went back to their old comrades.

“Ah, after fighting alongside guys like Shevchenko and Ribry, I sure do miss them. Too bad that they aren’t apart of Chambord. Otherwise, if we could all serve His Majesty, it would be a lot better than getting individually bullied by that damn crown prince……” Drogba scratched his head and said emotionally.

What he said resonated with the other warriors.

For the last while, the warriors of Chambord, the native commanders in Dual-Flags City, and the commanders in the [Wolf Teeth Legion] fought alongside each other, and they developed a friendship that only belonged to men. Therefore, suddenly separating from those great people made the warriors of Chambord a little sad.

“Eh, that is unfortunate. If they could come back with us, it would be awesome.”

“I think His Majesty is also missing them.”

In the end, the atmosphere was so sad that even Old Aryang, who was usually calm and collected, fell quiet.

However, no one noticed that what they said were all heard by Angela who walked out of the central tent coincidentally.

“Is Alexander having this much pressure?” Angela thought, and her heart shivered.

She never paid much attention to the situation of Chambord.

Except for when she was at St. Petersburg and tried to help Fei out with the construction of the [Wolf Teeth Legion], she never wanted to participate in the management of Chambord because she didn’t want to cause more trouble for her lover.

This was the first time that she realized how much pressure Fei was dealing with.

“But, what can I do for Alexander?” Angela stood in front of the central tent and lightly bit her lower lips with her pearl-white teeth.  She felt like she was useless; except for feeding and clothing Fei, she felt like she couldn’t do anything else.

This conclusion made this girl a little depressed.

“Hehehe, dumb girl, you don’t need to do anything for me……” Someone hugged her from behind, and a familiar voice sounded beside her ears, “As long as I could embrace you like this for a few minutes every day, my life would be full of happiness and color.”

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