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Hail the King Chapter 562.1

Chapter 562: God-tier Weapon – [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] (Part One)

This was Fei’s second time fighting the [Lord of Pain] Duriel, that looked like a huge bug, as a Barbarian.

The gloomy and dark underground passage was filled with a nose-piercing smell of blood, and the air was moist. The blood of monsters was everywhere and formed puddles, and it stained the magic battle boots that Fei and Elena were wearing. The corpses of the monsters they killed were lying around them. Under the illumination of the ancient magic lights, the terrifying battleground could rival with hell.

Fei inserted the Horadric Staff, the item he got from completing the previous quests, into the Orifice in the center of the circle of seven symbols, and a secret passage to where Duriel was hiding opened.

“Duriel, this fat bug, is one of the top figures in hell. I hope that we could get some great items from it. Other components of the [Immortal King] set would be best……” Fei prayed in his mind before he looked at the Valkyrie beside him and said, “Elena, let’s go!”

As they stepped into the portal, they entered a special place, and the angry roars sounded before the powerful winds came at him.

“Haha, this fat bug sure is lovely!” Fei laughed.

Since Elena was behind him, he didn’t try to dodge. Instead, he held onto two crystal swords that he got from killing monsters and charged at it.


The energy waves almost destroyed this tomb. The space started to shake, and clouds of dust fell from the ceiling and reduced the visibility.

A huge force got passed onto the two swords, and Fei was forced back one step. The crystal swords in his hands cried and cracked, and the huge bug, Duriel, roared angrily as its huge body got knocked away.

The benefit of giving all attribute points to [Strength] showed. Compared with Fei who specialized in physical strength, even the boss Duriel couldn’t rival him in this aspect.

“Wow! This boss’ physical strength is even weaker than Blacky!”

Fei got more confident as his understanding of the bosses in the Nightmare Mode got clearer.

However, the two blue crystal swords Fei used also got destroyed in the process.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of air-piercing noises sounded, and many magic arrows flew pass Fei and targeted Duriel that was still flying in mid-air.

The beautiful mercenary started her fierce attacks as well.

Even though Duriel was angry and went berserk, its attacks such as ice blast didn’t pose any threats to the two invaders. Fei and Elena coordinated too well, and they clearly had the advantage.

-Ten minutes later-

“Huh? Ahahahaha! Damn, I’m lucky! I got what I wanted……” Fei stood in front of Duriel’s huge corpse and laughed out loud even though Elena was right there with him.

He was holding onto a huge hammer that was longer than himself!

[Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]!!!

It was a component of the [Immortal King] item set.

This hammer was black, and its style was simple. It was made from an unknown metal, and it felt very thick and powerful. Just by looking at it, one could tell that it had a history with it. Just the handle of this hammer was about two meters long. The end of the handle was about the circumference of an egg, and the handle got thicker as it approached the huge metal hammer head. Ancient patterns were engraved onto the handle, and they looked like coiled dragons. The handle felt warm, but it wasn’t slippery.

The hammer head was like a huge barrel, and fist-sized spikes were placed in an orderly fashion on the body of the hammer head. One side of the hammer head was flat, and the other side was pointy like a nail. The tip of this end was giving off a silver light, and it felt like it was going to penetrate through people’s souls. It looked blood-thirsty and destructive.

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