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Hail the King Chapter 562.2

Chapter 562: God-tier Weapon – [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] (Part Two)

No wonder it was the legendary weapon of the Immortal King, Bul-Kathos. The visuals alone were enough to scare people.

A star-level warrior wouldn’t even be able to lift up this heavy metal hammer, let alone using it in battle.

Even though Fei’s barbarian character had a ton of physical strength, this hammer wasn’t that light in his hands; it felt just right.

Almost all of Fei’s weapons were destroyed in the battle with Domenech. Even his dual swords, [Bul-Kathos’ Children] were shattered by the [Sword of Fire Judgment].

Fei lacked a proper weapon, and this [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] came just in time. Fei had added a few skill points into [Mace Mastery] in Normal Mode, so he didn’t find it difficult to use this hammer. Instead, he felt like he could better unleash the violent and ferocious force of a barbarian.

After laughing, Fei calmed down and started to check out the detail statistics of this weapon.

[Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was also known as Ogre Maul.

Damage: 431 – 538. This meant that every strike was equivalent to the full-on strike of a low-tier New Moon Elite. This was the most powerful magic weapon Fei had seen so far.

[Required level: Nightmare Mode Level 40

Required strength: Nightmare Mode 100

+250% damage to undead

+200% damage to demons

+200% enhanced damage

+ 40% attack speed

+ 211-397 fire damage with 2 set items.

+ 7-477 lightning damage with 3set items

+ 127-364 cold damage for 6 seconds with 4 set items

+ 204 poison damage over 6 seconds with 5 set items

+ 250-361 magic damage with a complete set]

The additional power of this weapon almost made Fei’s eyeballs pop out of his eye sockets.

Although he didn’t know what kind of statistics Semi-God-tier Combat Weapons and God-tier Combat Weapons would have if they were converted into the metrics in Diablo World, Fei knew that these statistics for [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] was insane!

Unfortunately, including [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher], Fei only had two set items. Therefore, the additive lightning, cold, poison, and magic damages couldn’t be realized. So far, only 211-397 fire damage could be used in battle.

However, Fei attention was soon attracted by something else.


It meant that the durability of this weapon was infinite! It could handle all types of attacks and wouldn’t break!

It was an insane attribute!

If Fei had this hammer in his hand when fighting against Domenech’s [Sword of Fire Judgment], he might be able to block that strike using this hammer. His weapon wouldn’t be destroyed, and he wouldn’t be placed in the dangerous situation where he didn’t have anything to use to block the strike.

This weapon was the perfect god-tier item for the barbarian!

Only the great and violent physical strength of the barbarian could unleash its power to the maximum. With this hammer in hand, the barbarian would be able to use the fundamental physical strength to swing the hammer and destroy enemies. Even the gods couldn’t harm this weapon!

With the hammer in hand, Fei closed his eyes and caressed it. He felt like he had sensed its eagerness for battle. This weapon had its own soul, and it was made for combat.

“Don’t worry. In my hand, you will get to drink the blood of powerful masters!”

Fei opened his eyes and placed [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] into his weapon slot. He instantly felt like he became one with the hammer, and he could summon it easily.

When he lightly swung the hammer, a series of thunder-like and dragon roar-like noises sounded, and it felt like even the space was being torn open.

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    Please rectify it….

  2. Tom

    When is he going to level his other characters. The druid would be useful for the dragons and other beasts, paladin for the church, necromancer for Hazel, assassin and mage have consistently proved useful.

    • Deathmorphe

      You forgot amazon

    • Not in a little while. Since he is faced with a ton of danger, he would need to increase the power of his barbarian character even more. Would be a little plothole as well, LOL.

  3. Neurogamiprime

    I would also like to know this as a mini spoiler. will he level up his other characters any time soon? i don’t even need to know which one it is, i just want to know if he will at any point strengthen his other classes that he made a big point of saying would cause a big change if he completed each level on all characters.

    • Not in a little while if I’m correct. I think the key thing here is that he is faced with a ton of pressure and danger, and he had to increase the strength of his most powerful character even more. Or, it could be a plothole that the author hadn’t dealt with successfully, LOL.

  4. Lugeroth

    Mace Mastery, not pole arm.

    • The author wrote Polearm Mastery, but I think you are right about that. The author must have made a mistake. It is now updated.

  5. Rafid

    Will we ever get to see his disciple Inazaki?He is like totally forgotten after the tournament.Where the hell is he!Someone tell me please:’(

    Thanks for the chapter btw.

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