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Hail the King Chapter 563.1

Chapter 563: Shouldn’t Be Able to Get You This Easily (Part One)

With the hammer in his hand, Fei felt heroic and invincible.

He felt like defeating all the powerful masters in the world.

After enjoying that marvelous feeling, the king reluctantly put [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] away. Then, he started to check out the other items that Duriel dropped. There were four other items; three of them were enveloped by orange lights, indicating that they were level 6 items. They weren’t bad, but they could no longer excite Fei unless they got unique properties.

These three orange items were a pair of metal gauntlets, a big belt, and a delicate hawk helmet.

Fei picked them up and used three [Identify Scrolls]. After reading their properties, he realized that they were average. Since Domenech destroyed Fei’s gauntlets in battle, this pair of gauntlets named [Finder’s Touch] was equipped by him; the other two items were put inside his storage space. He was planning to sell them when he got back to the city.

Except for these three orange items, there was a green level 7 set item!

It was an ancient silver bow.

Fei was excited, and he used an [Identify Scroll]. The name and properties of this bow were instantly revealed.

[M’avina’s Caster – Grand Matron Bow]!!!

It was a component of another top-tier item set!

This bow was the weapon component of the best item set for the Amazon Character, [M’avina’s Battle Hymn]. In terms of preciousness, it wasn’t inferior to [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

“Eh, could it be that I have been acting low-key recently and accumulated enough luck? Damn, I’m lucky! Two components of top-tier item sets?” As Fei viewed the properties of the [Grand Matron Bow], he sighed and commented on his insane luck.

[Grand Matron Bow] was silver, and it was crystal-like, making it look a little dreamy. The bow was thicker than ordinary bows, and vine-like patterns were engraved on it; it allowed the user to have a firmer grip. The two ends of the bow were as sharp as blades, and it seemed like they were meant for close-range combat. Also, the bowstring would only appear when the user used it; otherwise, nothing else would be seen except for the body of the bow.

Based on the numbers alone, the arrows this bow shot out would deal a damage between 60-307. If a magic archer used it, its damage would be even higher. Three arrows would be able to kill a low-tier New Moon Elite.

Of course, the required level, strength, and dexterity were high as well.

After Fei observed this bow, he gave it to the Valkyrie beside him. Elena’s abilities had increased a ton, and her current bow no longer matched her; it was hindering Elena’s combat abilities.

Elena fit all the criteria that were required by this bow, and it was a good fit.

“Eh,” the Valkyrie nodded and took over the [Grand Matron Bow]. After she pulled on the mystic bowstring, she commented, “It is good.”

Fei felt like crying; he thought, “This is the top-tier weapon for archers in Diablo World! Why did Elena only say that it is good?…… Why do I feel like smashing my head against a wall?”

Fortunately, Fei was now used to Elena’s calmness, and he quickly got over it.

Fei then summarized the other benefits and rewards he got.

After passing the second map [Lut Gholein], Fei was now a Nightmare Mode level 56 Barbarian, and he accumulated almost 30 attribute points and more than a dozen skill points. Since he got [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] and his battle style was going to change, he put all the skill points into [Mace Mastery] and [Polearm Mastery], and the attribute points were added to [Strength].

After Elena finished distributing her points, today’s time limit hadn’t arrived yet.

Although Fei wanted to go into the next map to test out [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher], he held back his thirst and brought the Valkyrie back to [Rogue Encampment] in Normal Mode.

“Come on, Elena, stand there. Don’t move; I have something to show you,” Fei said mysteriously.

Elena was a little confused, but she listened to Fei and stood at an empty space in the center of the camp. For some reason, her good friends who would usually be practicing their archery skills weren’t there, and the loud metal-colliding noises that should be coming from Charsi’s workshop was nowhere to be heard. It felt like no one else was in the camp except for herself and Fei.

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