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Hail the King Chapter 563.2

Chapter 563: Shouldn’t Be Able to Get You This Easily (Part Two)

After seeing Fei standing close to her and staring at her with a gentle and loving expression, Elena felt a little shy, and she lightly lowered her head.

“Hahaha, huh? My icy goddess is finally shy for once?” Fei laughed as if he discovered a new continent, and he snapped his finger.


After a crisp sound, fire suddenly appeared on the ground.

As Elena looked at the fire in surprise, the fire started to travel on the grass field and quickly drew out a heart shape around the two of them.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Then, more than a dozen lights of various bright colors flew into the sky and exploded. The lights painted flowers in the sky, and it was a beautiful firework show.

The green stems and leaves, the colorful pedals…… The fireworks made the dark and gloomy sky in Diablo World look gorgeous and fancy.

These flames were the products of magic, so they worked a lot better. The colors were more vibrant, and they stayed in the sky much longer. In fact, it felt like they were permanently sealed into the sky.

The bright lights in the sky illuminated Elena’s face, and she looked even more beautiful, enough to move the gods in heaven.

As Fei looked at this icy beauty who experienced a lot of things with him, he got emotional as well.

Fei suddenly thought back to when they both almost died under the arrows of skeleton archers in [Tristram] and when Elena cried helplessly after seeing the corpses of some of her friends in the tunnel before fighting Andariel in [Catacombs].

Although these things only happened about half a year ago, Fei felt like it had been centuries.

Right now, both Fei and Elena were powerful enough to clear those levels in the Normal Mode easily; they grew and became better versions of themselves. At this moment, Fei was going to ask this beautiful girl to marry him. Even though they were meant to be, Fei got a little nervous for some reason.

As a rare and cute expression appeared on Elena’s face, Fei took out a bunch of fresh red roses, and the fragrance instantly dispersed into the area. The king single-kneeled in front of Elena, raised his head, and said with the most earnest expression on his face, “Elena, please marry this handsome, cute, and sincere young man in front of you!!”

The Valkyrie’s grip on the [Grand Matron Bow] loosened, but she then instantly tightened it habitually. As she was at a loss for words, cheers sounded behind the empty tents.

The young and pretty female rogues ran out, and everyone else in the camp walked out and showed themselves such as Charsi the blacksmith, Gheed the merchant, and Warriv the caravan leader. They all surrounded Fei and Elena.

“Sis, what are you waiting for?” a small yet playful female rogue named Maria winked at Elena and said, “Accept it!”

“Hehe, Elena, I’m so envious of you~”

“No, don’t accept yet. We need gifts! 10,000 magic gems, a set of M’avina’s items! Hehe, of course, also a queen’s crown!”

“Yeah! Elena, you are the [Flower of Rogue]. The supreme leader shouldn’t be able to get you this easily.”

“Yeah, let’s inspect him a little. Hehe, isn’t this the trend going on at Chambord right now? Hehehe……”

“Oh, right. I heard that in the other world, if a man wants to ask a woman to marry him, he needs a diamond ring. I have a ring here; it is 100% gold, and an ancient master forged it. After 10,000 years passed by, there is only this one ring left. It is invaluable! Look at the color, the style, and the engravings. Also, it is empowered by magic arrays. What do you think, Fei? In this situation, you should buy it and gifted it to your lover. Eh, since you are the supreme leader, I will give you a 60% discount. 100,000 gold coins. What do you think?”

The sly Gheed took out a rusted ring that lost its magic power out of nowhere, and he handed it to Fei with a bright smile on his face.

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