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Hail the King Chapter 564.1

Chapter 564: The Kelun Town (Part One)

Tears appeared in the king’s eyes.

“These girls used to be so pure and nice. Why are they all like this after staying at Chambord for a while?” he thought.

Regarding Gheed, Fei raised his leg and kicked him out of the crowd.


After the initial surprise, the Valkyrie calmed down. She lightly took the flowers Fei handed to her, and she nodded. There was only one word as the response, and it felt like it was an easy decision. However, this response fit her style.

Even though Elena acted calm, Fei still saw that the roses in her hands were getting crush. She was actually so nervous that she didn’t notice how much force she was putting on the flowers.

“Ah!!!!!! You went too easy on him!” Elena’s good friends all booed at her easy ‘surrender’.

“Ah, it is so boring. I told you guys; a silly girl like Elena would instantly say yes to Fei’s proposal. There is no difficulty at all, and it will only waste time. If I believed in myself more, I would be researching the third magic engraving in the godly rune right now.” Cain shook his head as if he knew this was going to happen.

“I finally know why you are this old but still a virgin,” Akara stated calmly.

“Eh…… Why?!” Cain also spat out a mouthful of blood.

“First of all, your look…… In Fei’s words, your look is very creative and brave. However, that isn’t the key. The primary reason is that you are not interesting and don’t understand love!” Akara was very ‘critical’ and ‘vicious”.

“Puff!” Cain instantly felt very depressed.

Fei, on the other hand, grabbed onto Elena’s cold hand.

He had been preparing for this for a while, and he wanted to give Elena a big surprise. However, the Valkyrie’s calm and collected reply disappointed Fei a little. However, on another thought, Elena was always like this. Fei should be happy that he caught her rare moment of surprise.

Elena was just like that; she didn’t even ask him questions such as “What about Angela?”

Her simple answer, “Ok”, showed her trust in Fei. That one word showed more determination and faith than anything else. When Fei heard that response, he also sensed the firmness in this pure and beautiful Valkyrie’s decision.


When Fei exited Diablo World, he felt an unprecedented excitement and was somewhat relaxed.

Fei put a lot of effort into this proposal; it was a lot more planned out, and it was a way for Fei to compensate her. After all, Elena had a tougher upbringing, and she had accompanied Fei through all kinds of dangerous situations. In a sense, she offered and risked a lot more.

Anyone who was in a good mood felt wonderful.

Therefore, Fei had the best sleep he ever had since he came to this world. He even woke up late! It never happened before! When he yawned and walked out of the tent, the sun was already high up in the sky. The troop of Chambord was delayed and behind schedule.

At noon, the troop finally entered the territory of Chambord.

Technically, the new territory of Chambord.

Due to Fei’s excellent performance during the affiliated kingdom competition at St. Petersburg, Chambord jumped from a level 6 affiliated kingdom to a level 1 affiliated kingdom. All the small affiliated kingdoms such as the Blackstone Kingdom, the Chishui Kingdom, and the Laisi Kingdom were all given to Chambord as the reward. Therefore, Chambord’s territory increased by more than five folds.

Currently, the troop was at the former Blackstone Kingdom’s territory.

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  1. Pokemon

    Honestly im mad I though that Alexander was royal uggh

    • Ecnival

      How is he not loyal? Because he’s marrying both? If you think so, I disagree. I believe it’s the opposite. Because he’s marrying both, he’s loyal.

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