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Hail the King Chapter 564.2

Chapter 564: The Kelun Town (Part Two)

Kingdom expansion was something that all affiliated kingdoms wanted to see. However, the issue of management of the large territory gave the ministers and leaders of Chambord headaches.

The kingdom suddenly got so much land and so many citizens; there weren’t enough human resources to manage all of this. Fei’s father-in-law, Bast, and the military leader, Brook, had sent multiple letters to Fei to report this issue, but Fei’s response was shameless. Since he was used to being worry-free, he told them to do whatever they felt appropriate.

Therefore, he wasn’t sure if the two of them solved this issue or not.

Although Fei liked being worry-free, he wasn’t an irresponsible king. He wanted to have the most realistic view of his kingdom, so the troop slowed down when it entered Chambord’s territory, giving Fei the opportunity to observe everything.

What pleased Fei was that nothing chaotic took place on the way.

Before sunset, the troop came to the outskirts of a town.


This town named Kelun was an ordinary farmers’ town.

This town was a part of the old level 4 Blackstone Kingdom.

Three months ago, the King of Chambord showed his power at St. Petersburg and earned his name, and the Blackstone Kingdom underperformed. Therefore, the royal family of Blackstone Kingdom got its title stripped away, and the entire kingdom got rewarded to Chambord. Thus, this Kelun Town naturally became a part of Chambord.

The ordinary farmers whose families had been living here for ages didn’t care too much about which kingdom owned this town.

After all, they were struggling to survive. Rather than worrying about who ruled over the town, they were more concerned over if they could get grain seeds in the spring, if they could successfully rent land from the landlord, and if they could pay less taxes. Those things affected their lives way more.

It was about 7 PM, and the sun had set. Clouds of mist started to envelop the town, and the sounds made by dogs and chickens resonated in the area.

The farmers who were worried about planting the seeds in the spring gathered in the only pub in the town. They sat down in groups as they waited for the only noble in the town to announce the newest information on the taxes and land rentals.

This pub had been around for a while, and it wasn’t kept too well. However, it was the only place of entertainment in the town, and it was sometimes used as a temporary meeting room.

The wooden gate of the pub squeaked continuously as it was being opened and closed repeatedly.

More and more dark-skinned and thin men walked into the pub. They were wearing coarse clothes and worn-out black boots, and they had bitter expressions on their faces. They greeted their friends and sat down at the available spots.

The only nobleman in the town, Mr. Babel, told everyone that he was going to tell them the seed distribution plan for the upcoming spring and the new taxation system. Therefore, the man in each of the families gathered here and waited for Mr. Babel; their expressions were bitter because they knew that Mr. Babel was going to use this opportunity to get as much money from them as possible.


The ragged wooden gate was pushed open, and the person who walked in was a blond, guard-looking young man. He looked fresh, and he was holding a strangely-shaped bow. Behind him, there was a long black-haired, handsome young man and a long black-haired, beautiful girl.

Their appearances instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

These good-looking people didn’t belong to this Kelun Town; it was clear that they were from another place. Although this town was remote, merchant caravans and mercenary groups passed by frequently. Therefore, it wasn’t unusual to see strangers. However, these three people were too good-looking, and the people in the pub were all stunned.

Behind these three people, there was a short brown-haired young man and a short white-haired knight.

These five people looked around and found a spot by the right-side window to sit down.

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