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Hail the King Chapter 565.1

Chapter 565: Tyrant Alexander (Part One)

After a moment of silence, the pub got noisy again.

The alcohol could make these farmers forget about their worries temporarily. Even though they were concerned about the news that Mr. Babel might bring them, and they only had a few copper coins in their pockets, they didn’t mind drinking one pint of beer each to relax.

The only waitress, Jenny, and the fat female owner of the pub walked around and served these people with the low-quality ale. As these two average-looking women with fat butts were walking around, a man reached out and lightly squeezed Jenny’s butt, and this chubby girl with freckles on her face screamed exaggeratedly, making everyone laugh.

This was a standard pub in a farmers’ town, and this was a typical day here.

Some people couldn’t hold back their curiosity and peeked at the five strangers; Of course, they wanted to see the beautiful and pure girl who came with them. This girl was so gorgeous that she looked like a goddess, and these men who were in their 40s and 50s would blush when peeking at her. Her beauty was beyond their imagination, and they didn’t even dare to have any dirty thoughts when looking at her.

Compared with her, the wife of Mr. Babel, who was the dream woman for a lot of the men in this town, looked ugly as ever.

People were chatting among themselves and wondering about these five people’s statuses, but they didn’t dare to walk up and strike a conversation.

“Eh, interesting. I like this atmosphere.” Fei sat down beside the window and looked out to the nightly sky where stars shone. The slightly chaotic atmosphere reminded him of his previous life. When he was in university, after playing games in the internet café, he and his friends would go to some roadside BBQ restaurants at 12 in the midnight to chill.

For some reason, Fei felt like he was becoming more and more nostalgic.

Perhaps it was because he was gradually becoming a part of this world, and his memory from his previous life was fading away; he instinctively wanted to keep some of it.

Angela had never been in such an environment before, but she didn’t hate it. The two things that were repelling her was the thick smell of the tobacco and the stinky feet. She leaned against Fei tighter, and she wrinkled her nose instinctively.

Her charm was undeniable.

Her subconscious movement instantly made the men who were sitting close to them put out their cigarettes and put their feet back into their old boots.

Torres sat to the left of Fei. He sat a little further behind, and he observed everyone in the pub, judging if they were dangerous or not. Even the thin, poor prostitutes who only had a few pieces of clothes on and were trying to get customers were inspected.

Even though Torres knew that the king was mighty, and probably no one in this town could threaten him, as a guard, his instinct and habit made him highly aware.

Jessie and Alan were sitting on the opposite side of the table.

Jessie was born in a poor neighborhood, and his life in Black-Cloth Shrine was simple and ascetic. Therefore, he got used to this little pub quickly. He sat there quietly and even called over the chubby waitress Jenny to order a plate of salt water-boiled beans, a pint of bitter ale, and a few pieces of local whole-wheat bread.


At this moment, the wooden door of the pub was kicked open.

Everyone turned their heads and saw an arrogant figure. He was more than two meters tall, bald, and wearing two metal bracelets.

After he glanced around viciously, a proud smile on his face. It was clear that he was pleased with the fact that everyone in the pub stopped talking when he made his appearance.

Then, he turned around and put on a flattering smile, bending his back and making a respectful gesture.

Then, a thin, pale mid-aged man walked in; he was wearing a fancy robe. Beside him, there was a mid-aged woman who was hanging onto his arms. This woman was wearing a ton of makeup; she wasn’t bad-looking and had a voluptuous body, but her age made her look a little bloated. Also, she was wearing a ton of jewelry. Even though it was fancy, it felt a little vulgar.

As soon as these people stepped into the pub, a disgusted look appeared on their face. They both took out a white cloth to cover their noses, clearly displeased with the air quality there.

This thin, pale mid-aged man was Mr. Babel, the ruler of the town and the only noble around; he could determine the fate of every person in the town. He was a little noble in the former Blackstone Kingdom, and his title got kept after the kingdom was rewarded to Chambord. The woman beside him was his wife, Kelly, and the vicious bald man was his guard, Derek.

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  1. Deathmorphe

    “noise” should be changed to ‘nose’.
    “really quick” should be changed to ‘really quickly’.
    “Clearing displeased” should be changed to ‘clearly displeased’.

    Some of the grammar could also be slightly improved, but it is still good in terms of quality in comparison to some of the translations out there xD
    Thanks for the chapters!

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