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Hail the King Chapter 565.2

Chapter 565: Tyrant Alexander (Part Two)

“I’m sure you all know the reason why you are here. The spring is about to arrive, so according to the tradition of our town, we will distribute the land rental agreement tomorrow and sell the seeds as well. As you know, the entire Blackstone Kingdom is rewarded to King Alexander His Majesty of Chambord! Therefore, the previous rules are changing.”

After he slowly walked to the table at the center of the pub, which looked the cleanest, Waitress Jenny quickly rushed over and cleaned this table even more. Then, the lady, Kelly, pinched her nose and sat down.

However, Mr. Babel continued to stand. In a calm yet determinate tone, he looked around and announced, “According to the new laws created by King Alexander His Majesty, the tax is going to increase for the coming year. There is the seed tax, justice tax, and the war tax. Each tax is one silver coin, and will be based on head counts……”

Before Babel could finish, the people in the hub started to shout.

“God! Three more taxes? Can we still live?”

“One silver coin per tax per person? After working hard for a full year, I can only make five to six silver coins. That isn’t enough for the taxes! What should we eat? What can we wear then?”

“Damn! King Alexander of Chambord! Is he trying to kill us?”

“Damn! We can’t live anymore! Justice tax? War Tax? There is no justice! There are no wars around here! We wouldn’t be able to afford food, but we need to pay for wars?”

“Just let the enemies of Jax come here! By then, we might be able to have some money left over for food!”

“Tyrant Alexander! I hate you!”

Although these farmers were used to being disappointed once every year and knew that the nobles wouldn’t stop getting wealth from them, the new taxes placed a heavy burden on their minds, and they couldn’t hold back their anger.

Instantly, the pub got chaotic, and the farmers were enraged.

When Angela and the other looked at him with surprise, Fei shrugged and said, “Don’t look at me; I never gave such order. I don’t think Uncle Bast and Brook would do something like this.”

“Quiet down! Quiet!” Mr. Babel knocked the table forcefully.

That tough, bald guard looked around viciously, and his knuckles made a series of popping noises. Then, he smashed his fist against the central wooden beam, causing the dust on the ceiling to fell off.

His ferocious presence instantly scared the farmers, making them very quiet.

They had no power and influence. Except for getting angry, they couldn’t do anything else.

“You need to know that King Alexander His Majesty is fighting with the enemies of Jax in the frontline! He is protecting the empire! We need to contribute as much as we can! If the military doesn’t get enough funds, the empire might get conquered! The Sand Ghosts’ blades aren’t easy to talk to! They will kill all the men and assault all women! This town would be turned into a living hell! Therefore, you need to pay the taxes!” Babel paused for a second after seeing that his words scared these farmers and extinguished their will for rebellion. He nodded and continued, “Except for the taxes, the land rental cost will increase three times. Also, the price for the seeds will increase three times as well. You all need to pay up in ten days. If you can’t, you won’t get seeds and lands this year……”

Before he could finish, the pub got noisy again.

“What? That is impossible! We don’t have that much money!”

“How? None of us can! Tyrant! That Tyrant! Who is going to come and save us?”

“We would rather be ruled by the royal family of the Blackstone Kingdom! This damn king of Chambord! He doesn’t care about our lives! Kick the people of Chambord out! Alexander is a vampire! He is a greedy devil!”

“Chambordians! Get out of Kelun and the Blackstone Kingdom!”

The angry people knocked the tables, and some of them even broke the metal cups. The cussing and shouting almost destroyed the roof!

The atmosphere in the pub was intense; anything might trigger an explosion!

What Babel said went through the bottom line. If everything was calculated according to what he said, then no one in this town could afford growing crops in the coming spring.

“I’m empathic about the situation, but I couldn’t do anything. These are the orders from King Alexander of Chambord. No one can go against it.”

Mr. Babel intentionally threw all the blames onto Chambord, and the angry crowd started to chant things like, “Alexander is a devil.”

Torres instantly stood up and grabbed his bow. However, Fei nodded and signaled his guard to sit down. It was clear that the king realized something.

At this moment, a young man suddenly stood up and refuted, “You are lying! King Alexander His Majesty never gave out such orders!”

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