Chapter 566: It’s Her! (Part One)

People turned around and looked in the direction of that voice.

There was a dark, thin young man who looked quite dirty. He was small, and he was wearing cheap clothes. His hair was messy, and straws and dry grasses were in there.

His name was Monet, and he was one of the poorest people in the town. Before he said anything, he was standing by the door, not even able to afford a cup of the cheap ale. He was silent and timid before, but for some reason, he suddenly stepped forward and refuted Mr. Babel.

“Monet? Do you know what you are saying?” Babel frowned and stared at this young man viciously.

“I…… I know you are not right. King Alexander His Majesty didn’t make those rules.” After being questioned by the most powerful person in the town, Monet who should be timid and back off didn’t do so. Even though he understood the underlying meaning in Babel’s question, he thought of that person and straightened his back, speaking his mind.

“Really? Are you sure, Monet? How do you know?”

“What is going on?”

“Monet, who told you that? What else do you know?”

The farmers in the pub grasped onto what Monet said as if they were drowning and grabbed onto a straw.

They started to ask questions, and a few more anxious ones instantly surrounded Monet. Although they knew that this young man who was usually not that hard working could be lying, they still hoped that he was telling the truth.

“Monet, are you doubting me? Doubting the words of a noble? Do you know what that means?” Babel frowned so much that his eyebrows were almost connected. Everyone in this town knew that this nobleman was really mad.

After seeing this expression, that bald guard sneered and walked toward Monet.

Monet had a friend beside him who lightly pulled his sleeve, trying to tell him to apologize and beg for forgiveness.

However, this usually timid young man had a stubborn expression on his face. He straightened his back and stated, “You are lying! I met the envoy from Chambord, and she said that King Alexander His Majesty removed all taxes for farmers, and the land rental is also going to be free. Lastly, the seeds will be distributed at no cost as well……”

“What? There are such things?”

“Envoy from Chambord? Where? Why didn’t I see anyone? Are you sure you met the envoy from Chambord, Monet?”

The farmers in the pub screamed. The information Monet told them was no different to the information about a lake in the eyes of travelers in the desert who were dying of thirst.

“I’m not lying; it is real…… Ah!”


Before Monet could finish, he screamed out in pain.

After that bald guard punched Monet to the ground, he gave him another stomp.

Monet’s body instantly curled up like a cooked shrimp. He was in so much pain that his face paled, and he couldn’t make a sound.

The farmers in the pub were terrified, and no one dared to go up and help Monet to stand up.

This bald guard was almost a One-Star Warrior and practically obtained warrior energy; he could easily defeat everyone in the pub. Due to his existence, no one in the town dared to doubt Mr. Babel’s orders.

“Yuck! You dirty pig! How dare you lie and throw dirt on me? How dare you doubt the words of Mr. Babel?” the bald guard spat on the ground, and he sneered even more. As he glanced around, he laughed, “You low-lives! This is the consequences of doubting Mr. Babel!”

“Tie him up! When the sun appears in the sky tomorrow, hang him in the center of the town! Let everyone know that death will be given to anyone who dares to disobey King Alexander His Majesty!” Babel relaxed and looked at Monet as if he was a nasty bug. It felt like this nobleman didn’t even want to stomp on this poor young man because his shoes might get dirty, but his words were chilling.

Sitting close to the window, Fei stopped Torres and Jessie from helping again.

When Monet was knocked to the ground, the king saw that Monet’s friend who tried to stop him from speaking escaped from the pub. It was clear that he was planning to find a person.

If Fei wasn’t wrong, the person should be the envoy from Chambord.

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