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Hail the King Chapter 566.2

Chapter 566: It’s Her! (Part Two)

Nobleman Babel was vicious and continued to throw all the blame onto the King of Chambord, and Fei was almost sure that all the increased taxes and expenses were tricks played by this man. If the king showed his identity right now, he could solve the issues instantly. However, he was interested in this envoy Monet talked about, so he wanted to see how this envoy was going to deal with this problem.

-Inside the pub-

Poor Monet was tied to the wooden beam in the center of the pub, and a ragged cloth stuffed his mouth. He was now half unconscious.

After Babel threatened the farmers a bit more, no one dared to go against him.

The noble lady named Kelly was covering her nose with a white handkerchief that had a faint fragrance on it, and she was bored and looking around. Suddenly, her pupil contracted when she saw the five strangers. After she showed hostility toward Angela who was a lot more beautiful than her, she focused on Fei, Torres, and Jessie who were all good-looking.

A thirsty woman!

Fei observed her already. He had seen a lot of Japanese Adult Videos, so he understood the intention of this mid-aged woman who had heavy makeup on and felt good about herself.

Perhaps Fei was the king and had a special aura around him, Kelly’s eyes locked onto him.

With the sixth sense of a woman, she instantly ranked these three handsome young men in order.

At this time, Babel finally turned around, followed his wife’s gaze, and saw the five strangers. As a man, his eyes instantly focused on Angela.

A strong sense of possessiveness appeared in his mind. As he was about to do something, he suddenly froze.

He rubbed his eyes and got confused.

At that moment, for some reason, his vision blurred. When he looked at the five strangers, he could only make out the rough outer shapes.  When he focused back onto the goddess-like girl, he couldn’t see her face clearly anymore; he could only see the dark edges. However, when he turned around and looked at other people, his eyes went back to normal.

Fei curled his lips; he was using his power to disturb others’ visions. If he didn’t want to wait for the envoy from Chambord to show up, he could have waved his finger and eliminated this vicious and greedy little nobleman.

Babel lowered his head and whispered something into the bald guard’s ear, then this guard turned to look at Fei’s group and nodded flatteringly. As this guard was about to walk over to Fei, the wooden door of the pub squeaked opened. The sharp noise sounded ear-piercing in this now quiet pub.

“Please! Please! Monet got beat by them! He couldn’t hold it any longer……” An anxious voice sounded, and the people in the pub heard it alongside the noises made by the wind.

Everyone in the pub looked at the door.

A figure that was about 1.6 meters tall appeared. This person was wearing a long red robe and a golden belt. The youthful body seemed pressing, and the red fire-like hair was fluttering in the wind. Together with the robe, it made this person look like a cloud of burning flame.

It was a woman.

To be exact, she was a girl who looked about 15 to 16 years old.

Besides this girl, there were three young men. Two of them were wearing black armors and looked like they were 16 to 17 years old, and the third person was the young man who was with Monet and escaped not too long ago.

The girl in the red robe ignored everyone’s surprise. With her head raised, she looked around and locked her eyes onto Babel. She sneered and asked haughtily, “Are you the little noble who dared to lie and defame King Alexander His Majesty?”

Such a domineering tone!

This girl completely ignored Babel’s title.

“Who are you?” Babel frowned and asked. His thick eyebrows furrowed and were almost connecting.

“I’m the envoy from Chambord, a second-year student in Chambord’s Civil and Military University. Also, I’m a Tri-Merit Student and a student official in the university! Remember my name! I’m Louise!” the girl in red responded proudly and told everyone a bunch of obscure titles.

(TL Note: Tri-Merit Students are titles given to students who demonstrate great grades, great physical abilities, and great morals and values.)

“Puff……” Fei almost spat out the ale he was drinking.

He finally recognized who this girl was! He didn’t expect that the envoy from Chambord would be her!

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