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Hail the King Chapter 567.1

Chapter 567: Fire-like Girl (Part One)

Fei and Angela looked at each other and saw the smile on each other’s face.

They all knew this fire-like and bright girl. In fact, she was treasured by almost everyone in Chambord’s military.

“Are you King Alexander? If you can save my father, I’m willing to be your lover forever……” This was the first thing that Louise said to Fei when they met.

Back then, Fei merely discovered the existence of Diablo World, and he just started experimenting with this ‘golden finger’. During that time, Chambord Castle was under siege, and the black-armored enemies surrounded it. In order to destroy the siege ladders in battle, Pierce risked his life and got severely injured, dancing on the verge of death.

When Fei successfully got a bottle of [Minor Health Potion] from Diablo World, and before he saved Pierce, he encountered Pierce’s daughter, who was this red-haired Louise.

Back then, Louise was still little; she was just a little over ten years old.  Now, the time only passed by for about a year, and that girl, who cried beside her injured father, looked like she was six to seven years older. Her thin and weak body had grown a lot, and she looked more like a young woman now.

Her hip and chest bulged up, filling up the loose red magic robe. However, her facial features were delicate but a little immature. Therefore, the contrast between the cuteness and semi-mature body made her the perfect loli.

No wonder when she walked in, almost everyone felt like this fire-like girl stole all their attention.

Fei didn’t expect that Bast and Brook would be comfortable enough to send the students of Chambord’s Civil and Military University to inspect the new territory of Chambord. The two young men behind Louise were also wearing the uniforms of Chambord’s Civil and Military University, so they must be students as well.

What pleased Fei was that this university he established less than a year ago when he felt like joking actually worked pretty well.

At the moment, Louise was already a Two-Star Mage, and a faint cloud of fire elements was floating around her. The other two students looked thin, but Fei could tell that they had warrior energies flowing inside their bodies. They were both One-Star Warriors.

The three of them were invincible in this small town; they could deal with the current situation easily.

Therefore, Fei lightly squeezed Angela’s hand and started to observe the performance of Chambord’s students; he wanted to know how these three people were going to solve the current problem.


“You are the envoy from Chambord?”

Babel’s brows twisted frequently like poisonous snakes, causing his expression to change continuously.

This little nobleman felt like something was wrong. When he turned his head and looked at his bald guard, he saw that his guard wasn’t afraid. Therefore, he calmed down and mocked, “Do you have any proof? Little girl, can you prove your identity?”

“We knew that shameless people like you would say something like this! Therefore, the Head Minister of Chambord, Mr. Bast, give us these scrolls! I will show this one scroll to people like you who are trying to defame King Alexander His Majesty so that you will finally surrender! Humph!” Louise sneered and took out a red scroll that had golden edges from her inner pocket. She lightly flicked her wrist, and the scroll opened. Then, a surge of energy appeared when the vivid image of a two-headed dog with an ax and a blade in its mouths got displayed. The image was created by magic energy, and it was bright and eye-catching.

It was the symbol of Chambord!

This was the [Scroll of the King’s Order], and these scrolls were created by powerful mages, contained anti-forging seals, and were extremely hard to copy. An ordinary level 1 affiliated kingdom shouldn’t have the power to create such scrolls.

Three months ago, it was announced that these scrolls would represent the will of King Alexander His Majesty.

Therefore, the farmers in the hub all stood up in excitement as they stared at the bright image on the scroll.

At this moment, almost everyone believed Louise’s identity.

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