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Hail the King Chapter 567.2

Chapter 567: Fire-like Girl (Part Two)

Babel’s expression froze as well.

“Hahaha! What a joke!” Babel’s wife, Kelly, who had been silent suddenly laughed, “Little girl, you want to show off a scroll that you stole from somewhere? What a silly girl! Everyone, just think about it. How could King Alexander His Majesty, someone who is talented and wise, send a little girl as his envoy? Also, from your looks, you guys aren’t even adults yet. How could His Majesty trust kids like you? This is ridiculous! Little girl, lying about your identity as the envoy of the king could potentially result in you guys being hung!”

One had to admit that women’s sixth sense was sharp. This chubby mid-aged woman instantly saw through Louise’s real age and grabbed onto this ‘loophole’ in the argument.

After hearing Kelly’s words, the farmers who believed Louise started to doubt her.

“Hahaha! I almost got fooled by you! Little girl, you sure are daring! How dare you steal one of Chambord’s [Scrolls of the King’s Order] and try to fool the people of Kelun? Tell me, who told you to do this? Monet is your co-conspirator, right? Hehe, the real envoy from Chambord is resting in my mansion, and he has been worrying since his [Scroll of the King’s Order] was stolen. Come here! Guards, arrest this scammer and her peers! Lock them up and interrogate them! I need to know all of the participants in this scheme!”

Kelly’s words reminded Babel, so he opened his mouth and instantly threw dirt on Louise and her peers habitually. Using words along, he turned them into thieves who stole this precious and powerful scroll.

A series of footsteps sounded.

More than a dozen guards rushed into the pub from the outside with weapons in their hands. As vicious smiles appeared on their faces, they surrounded Louise and her peers. The farmers in the pub were terrified as they moved further away so that they wouldn’t be affected. The young man, who brought Louise and the other two students of the university here, fell onto the ground, and his face paled.

“Humph! I knew that you would try the last-ditch effort!” Louise sneered.

She shook her hands and carefully put away the scroll as if it was the most precious treasure. Then, she pointed at Babel in the nose and stated loudly and aggressively, “I took out the [Scroll of the King’s Order] to show you that I have it, and it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not. Nobleman Babel of the Kelun Town, I, the envoy from Chambord, suspect that you are trying to cooperate with the enemies of Jax and defame King Alexander His Majesty. You also disobeyed the orders from the king, acted dishonestly, and plotted conspiracies! You better give up and wait for the ruling of the Kingdom’s Court! If you dare to resist arrest, as the envoy from Chambord, I have the right of killing treasonous suspects on the spot!”

Louise was tougher than both Babel and Kelly. She opened her mouth and made Babel into someone who committed treason; her determination and courage stunned Jessie and Alan. These two men turned around and looked at Fei, thinking, “No wonder she is the envoy from Chambord. Her domineering and straightforward behaviors are almost identical to King Alexander!”

“What? How dare you? Do you want to die?” Babel shouted furiously, “Quickly arrest these three scammers! Quick!”

The guards sneered and stepped forward.

As the people worried about this fire-like girl, they heard a series of crisp, wind-chime-like chants. Louise placed her hands in front of her chest, and waves of flames appeared in between her palms, instantly increasing the temperature in the pub.

Then, more than a dozen dashes of flames shot out and struck every single guard.

Bam! Bam!

As if they were electrocuted, these guards fell onto the ground while their bodies turned black. Their hairs were burned, and streaks of black smokes came out of their mouths. They couldn’t even hold onto their weapons since all of them fell unconscious.

“Ma…… mage?!?! This girl is a powerful mage?” Babel and Kelly were stunned.

They realized that the situation went out of their control, and they sensed a chill going up their spines. At the same time, cold sweats covered their foreheads.

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