Chapter 568: Change (Part One)

“Don’t worry, Mr. Babel. Hehe, she only knows a few magic spells; how dare she try to fool us? Let me defeat her!” the bald guard said arrogantly.

Usually, he was feared in the town. Therefore, he completely forgot about his real capabilities. He thought that he could deal with more than a dozen farmers at once, so he must be able to fight with this female mage.

“As long as I’m careful and not hit by that little fire, I should be fine. Hehe, isn’t it known that mages couldn’t fight in a close range? I will only need to get close to her,” he thought.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

As he quickened his steps, this guard started to move around and change his positions like an agile bear while moving toward Louise.

After all, he had obtained warrior energy. Although he wasn’t an official One-Star Warrior, he could execute these moves easily.

On the other hand, it seemed like that girl couldn’t react in time; she didn’t even chant her spell.

Just as hope restored in Babel and Kelly’s minds, a sneer sounded. One of the young men who were standing beside Louise moved. He instantly dashed forward and kicked out with a light blue energy around his feet.

Before the bald guard could dodge, he was kicked in the chin.

A blue-whitish energy instantly spread to his body from his chin. In just a few seconds, a dense layer of frost enveloped his body, and he was completely frozen by the ice-elemental warrior energy; only his eyes could barely move around, emitting a terrified light.

“You aren’t even a One-Star Warrior! How dare you speak to the No.1 Witch, Eh, I mean No.1 Goddess of our Civil and Military University like that? To be honest, I’m quite envious of your bravery! Bald guy!” this young man landed on the ground and patted his hands; his tone was filled with mockery.

“Haha, Pato, don’t praise me like that; I’m shy. King Alexander His Majesty had said that tiny ants dared to climb over a holy dragon not because they are dumb; it is because that they are ignorant. Therefore, I will forgive this ignorant bear.” Louise referred to herself as a holy dragon without even being shy as a teasing smile appeared on her face. Her smooth hand played with one strand of her red hair, and she lightly walked to the bald guard who was frozen.

As this guard got terrified, she pointed out her middle finger and lightly pressed on this man’s chest as if she was an adult who was disciplining a misbehaving child.


The bald guard fell back to the ground like a piece of wood.

All the farmers in the pub gasped.

This girl and her peers’ strengths were beyond the imagination of these farmers! They didn’t expect that the strongest person in the town, who was this bald guard, got easily defeated! He didn’t even get to touch the clothes of his opponents!

“How could they be so powerful when they are so young?”

At this moment, most of the people in the pub believed that these three kids were envoys from Chambord.

Only the envoys from Chambord could be this mighty.

“Huh? That Mr. Babel, weren’t you quite imposing a moment ago? What? You want to escape now?” Louise turned her head and looked at Babel and Kelly who were trying to escape when people weren’t paying attention to them.

“Eh…… I, this…… you……” Babel froze after his intention was discovered. He turned around and tried to smile, but that smile was uglier than a crying face. He lost all of his pride, and he stuttered, “Ms. Envoy….. This must…… must be…… a misunderstand. I was fooled by someone……”

“Haha, you can tell that to Uncle Oleg when you are at the Justice Department of Chambord…… Oh, just a friendly reminder, Uncle Oleg is known to be the man who could even make a stone cry out in pain. He is coming back to Chambord with King Alexander His Majesty. If you are lucky, you will get to be interrogated by him personally!”

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