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Hail the King Chapter 568.2

Chapter 568: Change (Part Two)

Louise’s prankster-smile and tone along with what she said almost caused Babel and Kelly to faint.

“No, oh, no! Ms. Envoy, please listen to us! We were fooled by…… by a fake envoy!” Kelly rolled her eyes and tried to prove their innocence.

“Shut up! You are a vicious woman!” Louise, who was smiling, suddenly changed her expression, and she looked cold as ice. She scolded, “Do you think the envoys from Chambord are idiots? We showed up late because we were investigating into some serious matters. Humph! We have collected evidence against you two! We have information on all the crimes you committed and this conspiracy you two had with four other people, trying to stir up the farmers to cause a riot! Brand, arrest them!”

Her sharp words instantly destroyed Babel and his wife.

Then, the young man who didn’t move before dashed forward and took out a pair of delicate handcuffs, locking these two people together.

On the other hand, the young man who used ice-elemental warrior energy untied Monet from the wooden beam in the center of the pub. Then, he used his warrior energy and healed the injuries this young man had suffered.

“Ok, the criminals who tried to defame King Alexander His Majesty have been arrested. Now, as the envoy from Chambord, I will announce His Majesty’s orders. Starting this spring, all farmlands are free to rent. Tomorrow, we will distribute the free seeds in front of this Mr. Babel’s mansion……” Louise jumped onto a table playfully and told the farmers about the real situation.

Cheers instantly sounded within the pub.

“Hail the king!”

“Long live King Alexander!”

“May gods bless His Majesty!”

“The generous and just King Alexander, we praise you and will pray for you!”

All the cussing and swearing turned into cheering and praising, and Fei turned from a ‘tyrant’ into a ‘great and noble lord’.

Louise and her two peers were taken by this scene, and these three, who looked like young adults but were really kids, finally showed the childish-side of their personalities. They laughed and jumped; excitement and admiration would appear on their faces every time they chanted ‘Hail the king’.

The farmers slowly left the pub and went back home.

On the way, they were still chanting ‘Hail the king’.

Soon, not a lot of people were still inside the pub.

Except for the female owner and Waitress Jenny who were always in the pub, there were Babel, his wife Kelly, their guards, Louise, Pato, Brand, Monet, and Fei’s group of five people.

“Huh? Friends, you all seen unfamiliar. Do you live in this town?” Louise turned around and asked with a serious expression on her face.

Out of the five people who were sitting by the window, she could only see the faces of two people; they were a brown short-haired young man and a white short-haired young man.

Didn’t matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t see the faces of the other three; she would barely make out the outer edges of their faces.

She couldn’t detect the power of this group of people.

She shouldn’t try to talk to masters like them. However, since a lot of strange masters came into Chambord’s new territories and tried to cause trouble, Louise wanted to see if this group of people were friendly or not. She planned ahead of time, and she already figured out that these five people came this afternoon by asking townsfolk.

“Why, little girl? Are you trying to figure out our identities?”

This voice brought along an indescribable pressure, bringing fear to Louise, Pato, and Brand’s minds. They felt like they had been seen through, and their bodies shivered. They instantly unleashed all their energies, preparing for the unknown.

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