Chapter 569: Test (Part One)

“Such power!”

Louise, Pato, and Brand all got concerned.

“This mysterious person only said one sentence, and we already sensed so much pressure. His strength is far beyond the instructors and teachers at Chambord’s Civil and Military University,” they thought.

“Why is there such a powerful master in this little town?” the three of them were shocked.

They received the best and most scientific training, and they were much better than that bald guard who didn’t know anything.

Louise still had a bright smile on her beautiful face, but she made a hand gesture behind her back. Pato and Brand instantly understood their leader’s intent and quietly adjusted their positions. The three of them were able to coordinate very well, and they were all calculating the best possible escape path that they could take if the situation got too dangerous.

They knew how to do this since it was one of the mandatory courses in Chambord’s Civil and Military University.

“I’m an envoy from Chambord. Therefore, after encountering strangers, it is my duty to ask for more information……” Louise raised her head and replied sincerely after she felt ready.

Before she could finish, an insane amount of pressure crushed down toward her. It felt like a gigantic mountain was falling from the sky.

“You……” Louise and the two boys were shocked; they didn’t expect this mysterious man to attack them instantly.

Also, as this mysterious person attacked, he blocked off all the exits in the pub. It felt like this man saw through their thoughts and instantly obliterated their plans.

Now, these three kids had to use all that they got.

As Louise quickly backed off, she reached out her hand and took out a scroll from her storage ring; it was the [Scroll of the King’s Order].

The scroll rolled open in the wind. As Louise started to chant a spell, a mystic sensation appeared in the pub.

At the same time, both Pato and Brand charged forward.

They drew their swords, dashed forward on both sides of Louise, and came back together, shoulder to shoulder. As their wood-elemental and ice-elemental warrior energies combined, the warrior energy flames brightened as the two elements complimented each other. Together, they tried to stop or at least slow down the pressure that was coming at them.

“Green-Wood Sword Strike!!!!!!”

“White-Snow Floating Chop!!!!!!”

As they shouted, they used their most powerful techniques.

These two combat techniques were created by the most powerful person in Chambord, King Alexander, and they were designed specifically for the students in the Civil and Military University. Although they were basic and had strange names, after the students learned the fundamentals from the mysterious instructors, these simple techniques were extremely effective; the practitioners could deal 200% the damage!

Bam! Bam!

However, before they could fully use the techniques, that pressure got to them. Like two pieces of paper in front of wild wind, they were blown into the air! They couldn’t even stop that pressure for one second!

“Appear! King Alexander’s Protection!!!!”

Fortunately, Louise broke the record for the amount of time it took to activate the scroll; she instantly completed the spell. As she shouted, dashes of flames shot out of the [Scroll of the King’s Order]. The two-headed dog jumped out of the scroll, roared, and turned into a black energy shield.

At the same time, Louise didn’t hesitate and cast several spells on herself, such as floating spell, light-body spell, agility spell, and strength spell……

Then, she turned into a dash of red lightning, grabbed Pato and Brand who were knocked away and almost fainted, and tried to escape.

Her timing, movements, choice of escape path were clear and top-rated.


The huge black shield only lasted three seconds.


This crackling noise wasn’t loud, but it shocked these three kids.

They knew that the [Scrolls of the King’s Order] were magic scrolls created by King Alexander His Majesty; they could be used as identification token as well as powerful weapons since several defensive and offensive magic spells were stored in them. This spell called King Alexander’s Protection would create a powerful energy shield, and it was capable of blocking the full-on strikes of a low-tier New Moon Elite!

“It isn’t able to block this person? Is he a master beyond the realm of low-tier New Moon?”

With Pato and Brand in her hands, Louise sprinted forward without daring enough to look back. She instantly broke open the gate and dashed out of the pub; each of her steps covered a distance of at least four meters.

“Huh. We finally made it out! We need to report back to the Chambord City! Such a powerful master appeared in the territory……”

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