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Hail the King Chapter 569.2

Chapter 569: Test (Part Two)

Louise took a deep breath and was about to charge forward again, but she shivered again; a shocked expression appeared on her face!

That mysterious man already appeared in front of them and blocked their way, and she didn’t even detect it until now!

“Too powerful! We couldn’t do anything to him!” Louise thought.

She felt very powerless, but she reacted fast. She swung her arms and threw the two boys to the left and right side of her. With a valiant expression on her face, she shouted, “Go! Don’t worry about me! You must deliver the news! Tell Mr. Bast and Mr. Brook to be prepared! There is a powerful master who is hostile toward our kingdom!”

At this moment, Louise was ready to risk her life and buy time for her peers. She had to make sure that her peers could get the message out.

It didn’t matter what this mysterious person’s background was; Chambord had to be prepared.

“If this master really tries to attack the Chambord Castle, it would be devastating for the kingdom!” Louise thought.

As this girl was about to activate the second spell that was stored in the scroll, she was stunned again. As if a bolt of lightning was traveling through her body, her body shivered as she rubbed her eyes, trying to make sure that she didn’t see illusions.

“What? Girl, you said that you are going to be my lover. Why? You don’t recognize me anymore?”

Fei turned around, revealed his identity, and smiled.

“Ah! You are…… Alexander? It…… it is really you? King Alexander His Majesty?” Suddenly seeing the legend in Chambord and the idol of every student in the university, Louise who was a fast thinker blushed and couldn’t get a full sentence out.

Pato, who was rushing back and trying to save Louise, was stunned when he got close; an overly-excited expression appeared on his face.

Brand, who bent his back and was on the run, heard Louise’s gasp and froze. After he made sure that the situation was safe, he rushed back with a similar overly-excited expression.

However, after a little while, he suddenly thought of something and single-kneeled. With his head lowered and face blushed, he stuttered, “Your Majesty, I…… I’m not afraid of death and wasn’t trying to save my own life. I……”

When Louise threw the two boys away a second ago, they made different decisions.

Pato couldn’t ditch his peer and rushed back to fight alongside Louise, but Brand didn’t hesitate and decided to dash into the bushes and escape. Now, he was really nervous; he was afraid that the supreme ruler of the kingdom, his idol, would misunderstand his decision……

Fei laughed and waved his hand, and a gentle energy helped Brand off the ground. “When faced with danger, choosing to escape doesn’t mean that you are a coward. Rather, it requires more bravery. Your decision might be misunderstood by others, but it is more valuable than dying alongside your peers…… Haha, don’t look at me like that. These are all a part of the curriculum in the university, right? I wrote all the textbooks. Eh, Brand, I know that you tried to escape because you want to get this message passed to people like Bast, just like what Louise asked you to do.”

Tears appeared in Brand’s eyes.

He and Pato had different personalities. Pato was more emotional and short-tempered, but he was more cool-headed and logical. That was why they made different decisions just now.

“King Alexander His Majesty is indeed kind and wise. Also, his strength is also beyond our imaginations! Haha, we got to battle with His Majesty a little! We can show off to our classmates, and they will be so jealous!” Pato and Brand thought excitedly.

“Hehe, Alexander is just as smart and powerful as before…… Eh, most importantly, he is even more handsome than before!” Louise thought to herself like Fei’s little fangirl.

“Hahaha, great! Your performances sure surprised me! It looks like the Civil and Military University sure created a bunch of talents for the kingdom!” Fei was happy with what he saw. Although these three kids were different, they were talented in their own ways.

At this time, Angela and the others walked out of the pub with smiles on their faces.

“Angela! Torres!” Louise’s eyes lit up as she jumped into Angela’s arms. She and Angela had a great relationship; Angela always cared for this girl who lost her mother at a young age and had a father who was a little careless.

Pato and Brand could only stand on the side nervously and watch enviously.

However, they soon got excited since they saw another idol of theirs! Torres, one of the few legendary warriors of Chambord! He started as a weak young man, but he became the most trusted guard of King Alexander, and he got into the top-20 in the competition at St. Petersburg, making a name for himself.

[Son of Wind] Fernando Torres was one of the most popular names in Chambord’s Civil and Military University.

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