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Hail the King Chapter 570.1

Chapter 570: Murderous Intent (Part One)

-On their way back to the military campsite-

The darkness had enveloped the land, and the mountains in the distance and the trees nearby all looked like black beasts.

There weren’t many stars in the sky; most of them were blocked by the dark clouds in the sky, making the atmosphere a little gloomy.

Because of Louise who was a playful girl, the journey back to the campsite wasn’t dull. She was funny, and the people in the group laughed regularly because of what she said.

On the way back, Louise told Angela about the changes that had occurred at Chambord, making everyone want to go back and see.

Chambord’s troop hid away the flags and kept a low-profile. The camp was located beside a river that was five kilometers away from the Kelun Town.

After inspecting the town, Fei and the other four people headed back. Of course, Louise, Pato, and Brand all followed him.

As soon as they thought that they could meet the famous warriors of Chambord who made names for themselves in the competition between the affiliated kingdoms at St. Petersburg, Pato and Brand got really excited and nervous. People like [White-Haired Fast Sword] Pierce, [Black-Haired Vicious Fist] Drogba, [Desperation Creator] Oleg, and [Destructive Finger] Cech were all now extremely famous at Chambord, and students in the university all wanted to meet them. Therefore, Pato and Brand couldn’t even focus on their steps.

Unlike [Fire Rose] Louise who was Pierce’s daughter and met these top leaders of Chambord earlier on, Pato and Brand were from poor families. Their talents were revealed after the competition among the affiliated kingdoms, and they were enrolled in the Civil and Military University. Therefore, they had never met these famous warriors before, and that was why they were so excited.

Also, like all their peers, these two kids were super loyal and held great admirations for the king.

If Fei didn’t go against a lot of people’s objections and didn’t use a lot of the kingdom’s resources on creating this public school and funding the poor students, kids like Pato and Brand wouldn’t get the opportunity to chase their dreams of becoming mages and warriors; the pressure from survival would crush them. They might not even be able to afford new clothes and good food.

It could be said that the king’s decision on creating this university changed the fates of numerous poor children and their families.

They were able to chase their dreams and become powerful masters.

Just from this aspect alone, it was easy to imagine how much admiration and gratitude the kids in the university had toward Fei.

Torres could tell that these two kids were nervous, so he smiled and chatted with them, easing their minds.

[Son of Wind] Torres was a cool-headed god-tier archer who wouldn’t even waver in front of powerful enemies. However, he was moved when he saw these two young boys.

Not long ago, his fate was just like these two kids’; he was from a poor family and had to worry about survival, and it was the king who changed his fate. Therefore, he felt very close to these two kids who were experiencing the same things.

Jessie and Alan who were from the Black-Cloth Shrine kept their silence.

What was happening touched their hearts.

When they saw these three talented kids and heard the changes that were happening in Chambord from this fun-loving girl named Louise, they were stunned, especially Jessie.

To be honest, he had a hard time believing it.

“How could a savage, battle-hungry, greedy, and aggressive person like the King of Chambord be able to accomplish so much unimaginable things? However, when these three kids glance at this king, that passion, confidence, and admiration…… it feels similar to how believers of the Holy Church worship the Pope.”

After seeing all this, Jessie’s mind started to shake.

His intuition told him that this girl was probably honest.

“Looks like Mr. Batistuta is right, and Alan is right as well. My subjective judgment blinded me, and the rules of the church constrained my mind. I wasn’t really observant, and I should take this opportunity to see how good of a king Alexander really is,” Jessie murmured to himself.

Suddenly, Jessie stopped thinking about those matters and paused his steps; he sensed murderous spirits in the area.

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