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Hail the King Chapter 570.2

Chapter 570: Murderous Intent (Part Two)

Then, he realized that the King of Chambord, who was walking in the very front, stopped as well.

Fei and Jessie were the two most powerful people in the group. Therefore, they were also the ones who discovered the hidden danger first as well.

Then, Torres and Alan sensed that something was wrong and quickly protected Angela from the left and the right.

After seeing that, Louise, Pato, and Brand who were well-trained also understood what was going on. They quickly protected Angela from the back.

The five of them protected the future queen who was the weakest in the group.

“Who is it? Get out!…… Divine Sight!!!” Jessie slowly walked out.

Since Fei was now the unofficial bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine, his identity was really prestige. Therefore, he shouldn’t do everything himself. Thus, as one of the two protectors from the shrine, Jessie had to stand out.

Dashes of silver energy flames appeared, and it looked like the divine gods were blessing Jessie. A powerful aura enveloped him, and he looked like a small sun in the night, lighting up everything in the area.

Louise and her two peers were stunned. Their eyes opened wide as they thought, “Holy power! This serious-looking young man is from the Holy Church?”

They had been wondering about Jessie’s identity, but they didn’t expect that he was a powerful master from the Holy Church.

As the silver light radiated, a special energy dispersed into the area. Like sound waves, Jessie easily detected where the people in black were hiding and lit their locations up.

“Huh? Someone from the Holy Church?”

A gasp sounded; it felt like a person was asking his peers.

Then, five people, who were all wearing big cloaks that hid their identities, appeared around the group, surrounding them from all directions. The person standing right in front of them was tall and powerful. Right beside him, there was another person who looked a little sick; his aura seemed powerful, but his energy wasn’t stable.

The person who was tall and powerful was the one who gasped, and he looked like the leader of the group. His question was directed toward the other person who looked sick.

However, the latter shook his head, telling everyone that he didn’t know why either.

“Who are you?” Jessie asked in a deep voice.

He could tell that these five people who suddenly appeared were all powerful Moon-Class Elites, and they were going to be hard to deal with since they held hostility toward this group from Chambord.

Therefore, Jessie took a step forward, and a pair of huge silver wings that had a wingspan of more than 20 meters opened on his back gracefully. He adjusted his state of mind and got ready for battle.

During this entire process, Fei didn’t even move; it felt like he was just a bystander.

His eyes locked onto the person who looked sick and had unstable energy.

“[Wings of Bless]?” The person in the lead was even more surprised. “You are so young, yet you have cultivated so much holy energy; it is truly rare. Young man, we are looking for the King of Chambord and not you, and we don’t want to fight with someone who is from the Holy Church. You may leave now!”

It seemed like this person was afraid of the Holy Church and didn’t want to touch Jessie.


Jessie flew into the air and clenched his hands. As a pair of silver light swords appeared in his hands, his silver energy wings fluttered and thrust him forward.

As a series of afterimages appeared in the air, he already dashed toward this man and struck down with his swords.

This young priest wasn’t kind and generous anymore in battle; he was cold and fierce.


That person in the lead didn’t move. He raised his hand, and a bright dash of light appeared. He used one of his bare hands to handle Jessie’s energy swords, and loud booming noises sounded.

After about five seconds, Jessie’s body flew backward.

He didn’t hurt that person at all.

That man was even more powerful than Jessie who was a top-tier Half Moon Elite.

However, that wasn’t the most shocking discovery.

What shocked Jessie the most was that from the short battle, he discovered where these people were really from.

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