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Hail the King Chapter 571.1

Chapter 571: The Person Who Should Have Died (Part One)

“You guys are from the Holy Church as well? Why are you trying to kill the King of Chambord?”

Jessie landed back on the ground and turned his body. The grasses under his feet and around him broke off and were shattered; this happened because Jessie transferred that man’s energy in his body into the ground.

Although that man tried his best to hide his energy, Jessie was a devoted priest and instantly recognized the holy power; he was very sensitive to it.

“Hahaha, since you recognized this, then I can’t let you go,” that man laughed loudly and ripped the cloak off his body, revealing the bright silver armor underneath. It was an armor made by the Holy Church; a red cross could be clearly seen on it.

This Holy Knight looked like he was in his 40s, but his deep and sorrow eyes told everyone that he was way older than that. His body was big, and his face was in a square shape. He had a thick beard, and his facial features made him look like someone who was righteous. However, the viciousness that was in his eyes told Fei that this Holy Knight wasn’t someone who was dependable.

“You are young and already have the strength of a top-tier Half Moon Elite. Also, you even mastered the tough technique, [Wings of Bless]. You are indeed a genius. However, you just had to throw yourself into this. I wanted to let you go, but it seems like that isn’t going to happen,” that man stared at Jessie and said sympathetically, “Young man, tell me which shrine you are from. After you die, I will send your ashes to your shrine. Then, your family could still be protected by the Holy Church!”

He sounded so sure that it felt like he was staring at a dead man.

“Black-Cloth Shrine, Jessie.” The young priest unleashed all his holy power, and an area of several kilometers around him was lit up as if it was daytime. His silver wings fluttered in the sky, and he didn’t show any signs of fear.

“Huh? What did you say? Black-Cloth Shrine?” that man laughed after a short moment of pause, “Black-Cloth Shrine finally got itself a talented genius? Haha, great! I was feeling bad for destroying a genius like you, but now I’m very comfortable.  Haha, a shrine like Black-Cloth should have disappeared a long time ago! Haha, after I kill you, I will send you head to that old Batistuta…… I want to see his desperate expression after seeing that the most talented young man in his shrine is dead!”

As this person laughed, dashes of silver white energy dispersed into the area as if something had pre-drew all these patterns.

Not only this powerful leader, but the three people who were standing to the left, right, and behind of the group ripped their cloaks and revealed their silver armors with red crosses on them. Then, dashes of energy dispersed into the area from under their feet

The white energies dashed across the grasses, looking like white poisonous snakes.

At the same time, they looked like the marks left on the ground by a huge invisible pen.

The scene was really strange.

“This is [Templar Battle Seal]!!! We need to leave here! Once the four groups of silver energies combine, they will form the [Templar Battle Seal], and we will be locked inside it forever!” Jessie screamed instantly; he knew how terrifying the [Templar Battle Seal] was going to be when four Moon-Class Elites cast it.

However, Fei didn’t move; it felt like he was thinking about a tough question.

Since Fei didn’t move, people like Torres and Angela also didn’t move.

Just in that split second, the four groups of silver energies shone even brighter, and a layer of silver holy sphere appeared. Like a half sphere, it covered an area of several square kilometers, and it was insanely firm and stable, giving off a shocking aura.

“Haha, too late! Once the [Templar Battle Seal] is placed, only Sun-Class Lords could get through,” that Holy Knight laughed as he walked closer. A chilly light appeared in his eyes as he continued, “Could it be that the King of Chambord is the [God’s Favorite Child] of this fallen shrine? Damn, he is good at hiding. Unfortunately, we discovered it beforehand! Before we kill him, we will kill you first, the young man from Black-Cloth Shrine!”


Before he finished talking, he suddenly made his move. Like a laser beam, he suddenly got close to Jessie.

He was indeed powerful; his body created a series of air-piercing noises on its own when he used techniques.


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    eyy, really hate it when Alexander always wait till his allies.on the brink.of dead before.going.to.help. he isn’t as good.as he thought himself to be

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