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Hail the King Chapter 572.1

Chapter 572: Let You Understand (Part One)

“You……” Balesi almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He thought that if he showed himself, the King of Chambord would be shocked, lose his mind, and reveal his association with that assassination.

However, the king laughed calmly and firmly rejected what he said.

Balesi felt like his forceful punch landed on thin-air, and that feeling was terrible.

“Damn! What happened? Only about six months went by, and you, Priest Balesi, now look this terrible. It feels like you have aged for 40 years, and you are even balding. Huh? Why do I sense a surge of undead energy on you? Ah! Could it be that you ditched the love of the gods and turned to the evil undead magic?!” Fei said as a shocked expression appeared on his face.

He was indeed vicious to his enemies. Although he was the person who turned Balesi into this, he acted as if he knew nothing and mocked Balesi even more.

“You……” Balesi growled, “Alexander, don’t try to hide! Humph! You can’t fool me! I know that the person who ambushed us was you! You are a born evil genius, and you dared to sneak-attack [God’s Favorite Child] Mr. Kaka. You should be burned alive on a cross! Hehe, today is your death day! Doesn’t matter what you say, you are dead!” Balesi was so mad that he looked like a devil.

Ever since he was severely injured, this priest, who used to look kind and gentle on the surface, changed. Perhaps it was because that the death energy inside his body tortured him, he got short-tempered, no longer calculative, and looked vicious. It felt like he had gone mad.

Fei carefully observed Balesi in detail and realized that a master, who had a ton of holy power, probably helped this priest to heal. However, the purest form of undead energy, death energy, couldn’t be expelled by ordinary holy power. Only the Pope of the Holy Church could do that. However, why would the lord of the Holy Church waste his time and energy on a little priest who was barely on the realm of Moon-Class?

Therefore, Balesi turned into this; he looked like a half ghost.

He had to endure the pain caused by the collision of death energy and holy power in his body every second.

After hearing Balesi’s words, Fei laughed joyously.

“What are you saying? I don’t understand. I’m a [God’s Favorite Child] and obtained golden holy power. How can I be an evil undead mage? Priest Balesi, are you trying to defame me and challenge the honor of the gods?” Fei tried to provoke his opponent as much as he could so that he could figure out how much Balesi knew.

“Whatever, Balesi. More talking isn’t necessary. King of Chambord, don’t fight back anymore. Even if you are a [God’s Favorite Child], you will be killed!” that powerful holy knight saw through Fei’s tricks and interrupted as a cold smile appeared on his face.

“Hehehehehe. Also, we could capture this girl named Angela. I already said that she has the purest soul. Hehehehehe. Once we capture her, we can use a secret technique to wipe her memories. Then, she would be the best medium for us to communicate with the gods! Hahaha!” a wicked smile appeared on Balesi’s face as he laughed; he was truly demon-like.

“The longer it goes, the more potential troubles. Let’s move and kill him!”

“Hahaha! Even a Sun-Class Lord would have a hard time trying to break away from the [Templar Battle Seal]! Haha, King of Chambord, you are only a small character. If you kill yourself now, you don’t need to suffer the pain!”

“Hehe, Taylor, why are you talking to this little king so much? Let’s kill everyone except that woman!”

“Humph! He is just a little king who got lucky! How dare he resist the order of the Holy Church?”

On the other three sides, the three powerful holy knights unleashed their silver holy power. The dashes of energy flowed around the [Templar Battle Seal], blocking off the contact with the outside world. Also, under its effect, the holy knights looked even more powerful and more dominating.

“Being able to die under the [Templar Battle Seal] cast by four masters from the Shiye Shrine, you should be honored!”

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  1. Eric Duttierre

    What so holy about these guys again?

    • SkyrimX SkyrimV

      You know, I too, still don’t know what’s so holy about them…

    • SkyrimX SkyrimV

      But I think it’s about the parts that are away from the center circle of power, meaning, that the outer circle uses non-condoned methods to uphold it’s power, while hiding from the jurisdiction of the higher powers.
      That’s why you see them being so scared when seeing a [God’s Favorite Child] in front of them, or at least one of the reasons.

      Summarizing what I said earlier, they’re just misusing the name of the Holy Church (or at least I hope).

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