Chapter 573: Power (Part One)

“He defeated a top-tier Full Moon Elite with only one hammer strike! How?” the other three holy knights shivered as soon as they thought about that.

They knew the holy knight, who got destroyed by the King of Chambord, too well.

They didn’t expect that the No.1 Moon-Class Elite in the most prominent shrine in the Northern Regional Church, the Shiye Shrine, to be severely injured by someone who was a lot weaker than him! After all, this man was the Moon-Class Elite who was the closest to the realm of Sun-Class in the Shiye Shrine.

“Quick! Use the power of the [Templar Battle Seal]! Use it to torture him!!”

As soon as his arms were destroyed, the pain instantly told this burly holy knight that he made a huge mistake in judgment. He used the last little bit of logic he had in his mind and made the best decision.

In this situation where the power dynamic between the two parties switched, the only chance they had was to use the [Templar Battle Seal] to fight the King of Chambord who was much more powerful than they expected. Otherwise, even though the other three holy knights were great masters, they weren’t strong enough to handle the King of Chambord’s hammer.

As soon as the burly holy knight said that, the other three holy knights already injected their holy power into the [Templar Battle Seal].

They had been fighting alongside each other for a long time, and they could coordinate with each other perfectly; it was almost an instinct of theirs.

Silver holy runes intertwined with each other and formed many vein-like branches. As if they had minds of their own, they wriggled on the grasses and coiled toward Fei.

Then, a series of holy and purifying chants resonated inside the battle seal; it sounded like gods were muttering and angels were singing.

There was a unique power inside this sound, affecting people’s souls. Like a lullaby, it would lower the battle-hungriness, awareness, and resistance of their opponents, giving the holy knights the opportunity to do whatever they wanted to their enemies.

As if the chants were magical, they ignored other people and all went inside Fei’s ears.

Soon, Fei stood still and closed his eyes; it looked like he was mesmerized by the ‘music’.

Then, the huge war hammer in his hands was slowly lowered to the ground.

Dashes of silver flames climbed up Fei’s body like greedy blood-sucking veins through his legs as well as the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher]. Each one of the flames was a holy rune chain. They all contained natural laws, locking Fei down completely. In the end, except for Fei’s head, his entire body was tied up by them. He was wrapped by white flames, and he looked like the prey of a spider that was packed by white spider webs.

“Hahahaha! I will torture you myself!…… Hahaha, King of Chambord, you are done! Ever since you were locked inside this [Templar Battle Seal], your death was unavoidable! Although your strength is far beyond our estimation, the result will be the same!” that burly holy knight shouted; his arms were now soft and dangling off his shoulders

Beside him, Balesi was trying to help him heal as he chanted a spell and released his holy power.

“His Majesty…… he……” Louise, Pato, and Brand all got nervous for Fei again.

The changes in the battle happened too fast, and it made these three kids very anxious. They felt like their hearts were in their throats, ready to jump out of their mouths at any second. In addition, they were so nervous that they almost forgot to breathe.

The scale of victory was slowly tilting toward these holy knights and Balesi.

“Hehehehe…… you are dead!” Balesi’s vicious and ear-piercing laugh sounded as he stared at Fei with hatred.

“Capture him! I will cut off his arms slowly piece by piece! I will let him experience the feeling of wanting to die but can’t die!!!”

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