Chapter 574: Sweep (Part One)

“You…… this…… you……” this burly holy knight was stunned; he almost couldn’t speak.

He couldn’t understand the amount of murderous spirit that this young man released.

“He was suppressed by the power of the [Templar Battle Seal], but he suddenly broke loose. Even if he started killing people and beasts as soon as he was born, he couldn’t have killed tens of millions of creatures in just 18 years. How could he have an amount of murderous spirit similar to the infamous killers on the continent?” he thought.

There was no way for him to know that Fei’s murderous spirit came from Diablo World and not the Azeroth Continent.

Ever since the discovery of Diablo World, Fei had killed at least more than 100,000 monsters. However, these monsters weren’t ordinary creatures but demons from hell! They were powerful and murderous, literally the synonym for viciousness and cruelness.

On top of that, Fei had killed bosses in the Normal Mode such as Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, and Baal. They were powerful demons and could be considered as deities and gods in hell. By killing them, Fei was killing gods!

After killing so many powerful demons and even the deities in hell, the amount of murderous spirit Fei accumulated could be even turned into tangible objects!

However, the murderous spirit was insanely powerful, able to harm the soul of anyone who was close to him. That was why Fei rarely used his murderous spirit in the real world. However, since he was sneak attacked by these masters of the Shiye Shrine from the Northern Holy Church, he had to use it.

Fei knew his paladin character well. As a result, he understood holy power and figured out its kryptonite.

There were only two things that could counter the holy power that originated from the gods – death energy and murderous spirit.

At the moment, Jessie and Alan were present, so Fei didn’t want to reveal to them that he obtained death energy. Therefore, he could only resort to his murderous spirit.

Although the murderous spirit wasn’t as effective at destroying the holy power as the death energy, it was more than enough from this experiment.

After testing it out, Fei now had another way of dealing with the masters of the Holy Church on top of using his necromancer character. It was a lot safer for him.

On top of everything else, there was still that mysterious stone pillar inside his body. Therefore, Fei didn’t even need to worry about Sun-Class Lords, let alone these mid-tier Half Moon Elites and their [Templar Battle Seal].

For the last while, Fei had been thinking about improving the combat abilities of the warriors of Chambord, and he focused on battle arrays. If he could create a battle array that could be used by several Moon-Class Elites, they might be able to defend against a Sun-Class Lord. Then, even if Fei wasn’t at Chambord, the top leaders at Chambord could deal with Sun-Class Lords and protect the kingdom.

Therefore, after seeing the [Templar Battle Seal], Fei decided to place himself in danger and let [Templar Battle Seal], one of the ten punishment battle arrays of the Holy Church, touch him. He wanted to have a clearer understanding of how the energy operated inside this array, and he wondered if he could copy the key points and modify them into something that he could use.

Overall, what Fei got out of it was worth the risk.

“Damn! Damn it! Go! Let’s go!!! Retreat!”

After the initial shock, that burly holy knight woke up and screamed. He turned around and dashed away as his body turned into a beam of light; he was going to disappear into afar soon.

Now, he understood that the King of Chambord was acting weak, but his actual strength was far beyond them. Just the power hidden in that huge war hammer was more than what he could deal with! If that hammer came down on him, he would be killed.

Balesi, on the other hand, lost his confidence and dashed away as well without making a sound.

How could Fei let them get away?

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