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Hail the King Chapter 574.2

Chapter 574: Sweep (Part Two)

“Hahaha! You guys came with domination, but you are running away with tails between your legs? It is too late! Just stay!” Fei waved his hand, and a green scroll shot out, turning into a dash of silver light. It soon caught up with that burly holy knight who was retreating.

“What is this?…… Damn it!” that holy knight shouted.

As soon as that beam of light caught up, it turned into a transparent bubble and locked him up; it looked just like one of those bubbles created by a playful child with dish soap but just more massive and stronger.

The bubble looked weak since the layer was thinner than paper, but it blocked off everything. It didn’t matter how much that burly holy knight tried to break free; he couldn’t damage this bubble for one bit. In the end, the bubble slowly floated back and landed in front of Fei.

By now, Fei already flew out and returned.

In his hand, it was Priest Balesi who was pale and had a resentful expression.

All of the five masters of the Shiye Shrine, the most prominent shrine in the Northern Regional Church, were either killed or captured. On Fei’s side, except for Jessie who was injured, no one else was harmed.

Torres was already used to this.

Fei’s most trusted guard had the confidence in the king, and he felt like there was nothing that the king couldn’t conquer. After all, he had seen similar cases multiple times.

However, Louise, Pato, and Brand had never seen it before!

Before, they only heard about how powerful their king was from their instructors and other residents. However, even the best poems and descriptions couldn’t give them a vivid impression. Now, they finally saw it happen with their own eyes!

The shock they experienced when witnessing their king’s domination in battle made them admire Fei even more. They saw him as an idol before, but they felt like worshipping him now.

They were so impressed that their minds ignored the fact that Fei destroyed three Moon-Class Elites of the Holy Church easily! This news would stun the entire Zenit Empire!

“It was too fast, and the video quality isn’t high. However, it is still enough to show off to our classmates! Haha! I have recorded His Majesty’s presence in battle, and it is one of a kind!” Louise, who was clever, already recorded what took place with a divy crystal.

The nightly wind blew by, and it was chilly.

The residual holy power dispersed into the area before turning into its elemental form and dissolving into the air.

“King of Chambord, you will regret this. Hehe, don’t think that you will win again! You are already the target for the Shiye Shrine and the Bishop of the Northern Reginal Church, Mr. Platini. You will be burned alive on a cross sooner or later! Your luck won’t be this good all the time…… Hehehe, I curse you, your loved ones, and the people you value. I hope the important people in your life all die in front of you. The kingdom that you try to protect dearly will also be turned into a forbidden land filled with skeletons……”

Balesi knew that his end was near, and he wasn’t hoping that he could live.

Therefore, with his hoarse and dry voice, he screamed and cursed. His words were vicious, and his tone was chilling, making people shiver in fear.

Before he could finish, his body got instantly enveloped by a cloud of blood mist. Blood flowed out of his eyes, mouth, nostrils, and ears, and the wicked smile on his face froze. Then, his head fell back; he was dead.

He chose to kill himself.

For the last while, the holy power and the death energy had been fighting in his body, torturing him on a daily basis. Now that Fei captured him, he had no hope in getting revenge. Therefore, this priest who was vicious to others and also vicious to himself decided to commit suicide.

Just the second before he lost his consciousness, he thought back to the night at Chambord’s campsite near St. Petersburg half a year ago.

A strange thought appeared in his head, “If I can turn back time, I wouldn’t have made the King of Chambord into my enemy because of that girl named Angela……”

Fei sneered and didn’t say anything.

He squatted down and placed his palm on Balesi’s corpse; he only calmed down after making sure that this priest was 100% dead this time.

At the same time, Fei made a discovery.

A strange expression appeared on his face as he murmured to himself in a low voice that only he could hear, “No wonder…… I punctured through his left chest last time, and that damage to the heart would even kill a Sun-Class Lord. He lived because his heart was grown on the right side of his chest. This rare condition saved him!”

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  1. opils

    They better be smart and delete the recordings or give it to Fei. I mean it shows the deaths of church members, using that as proof they can make moves against chambord…. But ofcourse the characters are going to be retarded because author is.

    • Deathmorphe

      – The recording also diminishes the moral standing of the church. Which means that the church ought not to go public with such a recording – it would simply be covered up instead.
      – The attack was supported from the shrine (as evident by sending one of the better combatants) so their demise and Fei’s survival already indicate their deaths at his hands. (Since the mission is known)
      – The girl will most likely display this at that chambordian university – in which the reverence for Fei far outweighs the fear of the holy church. People are hence unlikely to spread the recording and even if it was spread no one there would bat an eye other than maybe louise who night feel guilty for ”bringing trouble to fei”.
      – Plus Fei is a ”child loved by the gods” so the church can not ’officially’ go against him and hence the will of the gods (unless they either denounce him as false in one way or another first with a believable cause).
      – the recording contains value to those who study the art of combat and whishes to familiarize themselves with Fei’s combat techniques.

      – overall, there should be nothing wrong with keeping the recording.

      Ps. Why are you reading this if you merely look upon it with disdain? Sure there are a lot of twists and turns that are much too convenient and stuff that is cliché and enough to make one cringe – but so what? The fact that the Author is making something and publishing it is enough to prove that he at least has enough intelligence to go against the mark of being retarded that you, who can be sitting anywhere in the world without having to face him and can simply post on a website that he maybe does not even know about, put on him. If you are going to voice your opinion then do so with motivations and reasonings, not insults. If you are going to voice an insult, do so directly to his face instead of behind his back.

      • OG

        This guy iant on mobile.
        Tha ks for the commentary, it does support my view. But the second part idk

  2. SaDDisT

    Who else imagine that he will be like Wukong when using that PILLAR.

  3. Remco

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Leon

    But instead of flying nimbus. He ride dragon.
    Need chapter where he return n modernize his kingdom fast pls

  5. Leafron

    Lol. I wonder how many time the author is going to use the “because his heart is on the right side” in this novel. Lmao.

  6. shadowtrap2010

    that y you alway double tap bro… one in the heart and 1 in the head… just to be safe one more through the eyes socket!!!

  7. Jess

    Wow. This is an amazing reply

  8. reedone816

    the author forgot that the kids already watched the king fight against the black armored army.

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