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Hail the King Chapter 575.1

Chapter 575: The Return of The Heroes (Part One)

This time, Balesi was completely dead.

The miracle couldn’t occur again, and he couldn’t survive this.

Fei checked Balesi’s corpse carefully, and he found that all the critical magic energy channels and connections in his body shattered. Balesi’s body condition was in bad shape to begin with since Fei’s necromancer character’s curses messed him up. If his holy power didn’t reach Moon-Class, he would have died a long time ago.

Therefore, committing suicide was a way for him to free himself from all the pain and suffering.

Fei thought about it and punched on the ground to create a huge pit. Then, he wiped out the marks he left on Balesi’s corpse, and he threw the corpse into the pit. Then, he waved his hand and pushed the remains of the other three holy knights into the pit as well. He cleaned the battlefield well, and no traces could be found.

On the other hand, the burly holy knight who was imprisoned by the bubble-like energy sphere finally stopped struggling.

This sphere was thin, but it was extremely firm; it was an item created by Akara and Cain. They studied the semi-godly runes that were locking [Demon King’s Wisdom] in the mysterious stone room, and they used the imprisonment effect of the runes in this scroll. Even a Sun-Class Lord might not be able to destroy it, let alone this holy knight whose arms were broken.

“You better let me go. Otherwise, Chambord will be destroyed!” this burly holy knight said coldly in a threatening tone. He had calmed down already, and vicious and crazy lights were flashing in his eyes.

Fei sneered and slapped his face twice.

As broken teeth and ripped flesh flew out of his mouth, this burly holy knight’s face swelled up like a half-rotten peach.

“You…… How dare you shame me like this? Do you know who I am? In front of me, Chris, even……”

After being slapped, this burly holy knight named Chris lost his mind. This man who was known as the No.1 Moon-Class Elite in the Shiye Shrine lost his cool, and he shouted angrily like a hyena that got its partner taken away during mating.

Pia! Pia!

Fei responded with two more slaps.

Chris felt like his ears were buzzing loudly after that. He was in a lot of pain, and he was enraged. The fact that he couldn’t do anything in respond drove him nuts, and he fainted as a result.

Fei was too lazy to talk to him. He reached into the energy sphere and grabbed onto Chris’ shoulder.

A destructive energy rushed into Chris’ body.

After a series of crackling noise, all of the energy channels and connections in his body were locked, and his holy power was gone.

Then, Fei turned around and looked at Louise, Pato, and Brand. At the moment, these three kids were looking at him as if he was a god. He said to Pato and Brand, “Help me carry this idiot back to the campsite. Give him to Oleg and ask Oleg to open this idiot’s mouth and get all the relevant information.”

As he said that, he put away [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

Tonight, it was the first time that this war hammer showed itself in this world, and its power was unbelievable. Fei’s real strength was somewhere around mid-tier Half Moon, and he was a distance away from Chris. However, with this war hammer in his hands, he could destroy this top-tier Full Moon Elite within ten strikes…… That feeling was divine!

This hammer was going to drink a lot of blood of Fei’s powerful enemies, and tonight was its first feast.


When Fei and the group returned to the campsite, it was already midnight.

The burly holy knight, Chris, was given to Oleg to handle.

Therefore, almost everyone in the campsite heard the desperate and beast-like screams sounding from Oleg’s gloomy tent; those noises didn’t sound like the noises made by humans, and all creatures stayed at least ten meters away from that tent.

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