Chapter 576: The Return of The Heroes (2) (Part One)

When the troop got close to the city, it was already sunset. The sunlight dyed everything into gold.

Standing on [The Throne of Chaos] that was placed on Blacky’s back, Fei looked at the newly renovated and upgraded Chambord Castle as the chilly night wind fluttered his hair.

The first thing that came into his field of vision was the wide river.

The Zuli River didn’t change as it blocked off the outside world from the Chambord Castle, and water vapor could be seen above the surface of the 1,000 meters wide, fast-current river.

The stone bridge that had been there for thousands of years was now replaced.

It was the only way for the Chambordians to come and go from the city, but Fei broke it apart when the black-armored enemies tried to siege the city. After that war, an iron suspension bridge was put in place to connect the two sides of the broken stone bridge, and it was easy to use.

Now, this stone bridge was completely replaced.

Fei only broke about 20 meters of the bridge, and that gap was now extended to almost 1,000 meters. Only two small portions of the stone bridge were kept on the two banks of the river, symbolizing the once existed stone bridge.

A massive warship replaced the stone bridge.

This ship was about 100 meters long, 20 meters wide, and the portion of the ship that was out of the water was about ten meters tall. Like a building on the river, it floated on the fast-current river steadily.

This ship’s style was completely different from the ships that were seen on this continent. There were no sails on it, and there was no center wooden beam as well. All the fancy decorations and engravings were omitted.

Except for the ram of the ship which was shaped like a unicorn, nothing else on the ship was sharp or pointing outward. Its surface was very smooth, making it look like a whale that was resting on an ocean.

To outsiders, this ship looked weird and couldn’t go far; it was more like the creation of an inexperienced ship maker.

However, Fei knew what this ship was capable of.

It was based on the blueprint of a demon ship from the Mythical Era where the gods and the demons were at war, and this blueprint was recorded in [Demon King’s Wisdom].

This ship in the Zuli River was almost a complete replica of that ancient ship, and it had all the bells and whistles from the ancient magic technology. Instead of wind, it was powered by pure magic energy. It had insane combat ability and could submerge into the water and become a submarine.

In the Mythical Era, this type of ships that were known as ‘Reserve Whale Warships’ dominated the waterways on the continent. Although these ships weren’t ranked in the top-ten warships during their times, they were still the main ships that made up the mid-tier fleets of the demons’ navy forces.

Fei didn’t expect that Cain and Akara were able to create such a ship in just half a year.

With this ship guarding the Zuli River, that stone bridge was no longer necessary. This ship’s transportation ability was enough to move people and things from Chambord to the outside world and vice versa.

The troop was getting closer and closer to the city.

Soon, the soldiers and warriors all saw the city’s defense wall.

Under the sunshine, the bylaw enforcement officers and saint seiyas were shocked to find that the city had changed drastically, no longer fitting the images in their memories.

First of all, although the shape of the black defense wall didn’t change, the surface was cleaned. After years of getting rained on and blown on, there were a ton of mosses and fungus growing on the defense wall. Now, the defense wall was in a shiny silver color, corresponding to the golden sunshine. It felt like someone plated a layer of silver on top, and it looked brand-new.

Then, the soldiers realized that the city gate was completely gone!

This city was now a city without an entrance.

“Huh? No gate? Does everyone need to go in and out of the city using ropes?” the soldiers and warriors were surprised, and they thought back to the scene where the king and 23 strongmen got off the defense wall using ropes before charging at the black-armored enemies.

The closer they got to the castle, the more changes they saw.

Suddenly, loud cheers and clapping sounded from the other side of the river; it was so loud that the noises made by the fast-current Zuli River couldn’t even be heard.

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