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Hail the King Chapter 576.2

Chapter 576: The Return of The Heroes (2) (Part Two)

Outside of the defense wall, there was a big crowd of excited people standing there and waiting. Despite their various backgrounds and social statuses, they were all citizens of Chambord, and they all came out of the city to welcome their king and their military’s return voluntarily.

When Blacky’s mountain-like body appeared on the horizon, the citizens of Chambord couldn’t hold back their excitement, and they all started to cheer. Some of them soon lost their voices, but they didn’t care; they continued to make noises.

Through the thin clouds of water vapor, a lot of women and elders who had tears in their eyes saw familiar faces and figures.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” a boy who was about three years old looked at his mother with his big eyes and asked, “Oh, I know! Daddy is coming home, right?”

“Yes, my child. Look! Your daddy is next to those uncles of yours! Remember! Your daddy is strong and is a hero! A hero of Chambord! He followed our great king, Alexander His Majesty, and he brought back great honor for our king, our kingdom, and our family……” the mother pointed at the troop that was on the other side of the river, kissed this boy’s cheek, and said proudly; her face was full of tears.

“Oh, I will remember. Mommy, who is King Alexander? Is he also a great hero like Daddy?”

“Eh, my child. Remember, Alexander His Majesty is the greatest king in the world! He is a true lord! When you grow up, you need to grab a weapon and protect His Majesty and our home just like you daddy! It will be an honor for every child at Chambord!”


After stepped on this reserve whale warship named [King Alexander], Fei was showered in the loud cheers coming from the other side.

Strategist Old Aryang dismissed the formation, and the soldiers and warriors could no longer suppress their excitement. They all rushed to the edges of the deck, waved their weapons at the crowd on the other side of the river, and tried to spot their family members and loved ones!

Even a real man would cry in this atmosphere.

When they left their homes, most of them were low farmers of a level 6 affiliated kingdom. They weren’t experienced in battle, and they were looked down upon by others. At the time, they were hopeful toward the future of Chambord, and they were also a little fearful of the unknown. In the long nights, all of them had prayed again and again, hoping that the gods would favor Chambord. Even if they had to die, they wanted to die in front of Chambord so that they could kiss the land that raised them and see their loved ones one last time.

Now, they were warriors and heroes of a level 1 affiliated kingdom, and they had been through many battles. Wherever they went, they were greeted with cheers, applause, and flowers.

These righteous and brave men couldn’t wait to share this honor with their families. After all, they were a part of Chambord’s rise.

[King Alexander] was powered by magic energy, so its traveling speed wasn’t slow. It went from one side of the river to the other side in less than five minutes.

When the ship reached the other side, several wide wooden boards were extended from the deck and connected with the river bank automatically, forming a pathway.

At this moment, the citizens of Chambord rushed by the bylaw enforcement officers who were trying to keep order, and the soldiers and warriors on the ship jumped over the railings. The two large crowds of people merged like a flood.

“Oh, dear! You came back! You are back alive! Thank god! I’m not dreaming, right?”

“My child, say daddy! He is your daddy! When he left, you couldn’t even speak yet……”

“Waah…… dad, you are finally back! I missed you……”

“Hahahah! Kid, you grew taller, stronger, and darker. How was it following Alexander His Majesty? You didn’t bring shame to me, Old Nick, right? If I hear from your comrades that you had slacked off in battle, I will break your legs!”

“Sister, don’t worry; this wound healed a long time ago. Hehehe, it is the proof of your brother’s bravery and honor! Alexander His Majesty personally praised me! See this? This is the badge of bravery that His Majesty gave me! I’m one of the few who got it! Hehe, a lot of my comrades are jealous of me!”

Hugs, cheers, tears, kisses……

This area in front of the city turned into a boiling sea of people; the atmosphere was so bright that it felt like a volcano had erupted.

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