Chapter 577: A Miracle City (Part One)

Fei stood on the deck of [King Alexander] and quickly got pushed aside by the emotional crowd. Under the protection of a few bylaw enforcement officers, he slowly walked to his future father-in-law, Bast, and the military leader, Brook, who were walking toward him as well.

“You arrived earlier than we expected……” Bast fixed his hair and clothes before smiling and patting Fei’s shoulder. He was really pleased with this future son-in-law of his.

Although only half a year past by, Bast aged a lot. His hair turned whiter, and he got a lot thinner. Even though he seemed energetic, the fatigue couldn’t be hidden.

Fei felt a little guilty.

While Fei led the troop of Chambord and battled enemies, all the administrative duties and tasks were handled by Bast and only a few other people. The Chambord Kingdom was in a little chaotic state to begin with, and there were a lot of things to fix. On top of that, there was the reconstruction and renovation project. There was a lot of work to be done, and people like Bast and Brook had been working tirelessly for the last while.


A surprised shout sounded, and Angela dashed past Fei to hug her father. In her lifetime, she had never been away from her father for this long. Therefore, she missed him dearly.

“Brook, thanks for the hard work.”

Fei said as he looked at Brook who had been following him for the longest time.

This man who was burly and muscular was now almost as thin as a spear, and he looked tired as well. The bags under his eyes were big, and it looked like he hadn’t had a good night sleep in a while.

Since he spent a lot of time on managing the tasks in the kingdom, his cultivation strength didn’t improve that much. Even though his body was reformed by the [Hulk Potion], and Fei recreated a cultivation technique for him, he hadn’t reached the Five-Star level yet. Currently, he was a top-tier Four-Star Warrior.

Compared with his peers who started serving the king around the same time, he was one of the weakest.

Even Torres, who was a weak and powerless young man back then, was now a mid-tier Eight-Star Warrior who had an insane archery skill.

However, despite all that, Brook was one of the most non-replaceable subordinates that Fei had.

Fei felt guilty toward this man.

He knew that Brook’s talent was better than people like Torres and Drogba. If he were given the same amount of resources and weren’t distracted by the administrative tasks, he might have became a Moon-Class Elite already.

“It is my honor to serve Your Majesty and the kingdom!” Brook was very excited to see the king again; his voice was even shivering a little. Currently, he was wearing the same armor that he wore when he fought the black-armored enemies alongside Fei; it was very symbolic.

As this man was about to single-kneel, Fei quickly walked up and stopped him.

The king didn’t say anything; he only patted Brook’s shoulder.

At this moment, the overly-excited citizens of Chambord finally noticed their king.

Tens of thousands of citizens kneeled and worshipped their great and unique lord!

“Hail the king!!”

“Long live Alexander His Majesty!!”

The chants and cheers of tens of thousands of people sounded louder than a tsunami, and Fei felt a unique sense of accomplishment when showering in it. He earned it all by himself! The journey from an idiot king who was hated by his citizens to a great ruler who was worshipped by his people wasn’t easy, and Fei worked hard to obtain it.

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